7 Ways to Wear Track Pants for Men

In a world where comfortable fashion is a rising priority, track pants are the way to go. Yes, the track is back in full fledge. It has become a pivotal part of men’s active and casual wear. They have become a go-to piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. Due to this booming popularity, track pants have become a lot more versatile in their styling.

There are several interesting ways to style track pants for men. The key is to do perfect pairings with your top wear and your track pants. Here are some pointers to pull off a casual yet fashionable attire with track pants.

  1. Track pants with Hoodies- This is one of those outfits where class and comfort go hand in hand. This look is especially suited during winters when the hoodies can help you keep warm this can also be a fashion statement. You can wear it to run your errands as well as on casual outings. Men’s track pants paired with a zipper hoodie is also a great look for hitting the gym.
  2.     Track pants with Shirts – Wear different types of shirts with joggers to create stylish casual and smart outfits. You can style a polo shirt with your men’s track pants for a quirky athletic look. Regardless of whether your shirt has short or long sleeves, a button-up shirt will add more structure. This will help strike a professional tone with dark-coloured jogger pants.
  3.     Track pants with Track jackets – A track jacket and track pants for men will give you a serious and athletic look. The biggest accessory that goes with a tracksuit is confidence. Pair this with white sneakers to get an ideal look. Suit up in this sports-inspired outfit and play a winning game.
  4.     Track pants with T-Shirts – A timeless classic. Wear track pants for men with a basic t-shirt for when you want an effortlessly simple look. This is a minimal yet classy look. Finish your styling with white sneakers and you’re sorted for the day.
  5.     Track pants with Denim Jackets – The love humans have for denim has withstood the trial of time. We love denim to the point that we can adorn it with anything. A denim jacket is a worthy companion to your track pants. The key is, to go for track pants for men that have an excellent fit. The denim jacket should complement the colour of your track pants. The perfect sassy look would be to pair black track pants with a white or black t-shirt, or a denim jacket matched with a cool pair of sneakers.
  6.     Track pants with Blazers- Pair in a blazer with your track pants for a comfy and chic attire. Mixing your men’s track pants with a blazer for a casual, comfortable yet stylish weekend outfit, Scandinavian style. It is a good outfit option if you are planning to go on a drive with your workmates. 
  7.     Track pants with Sweatshirts – With the rise in streetwear fashion, this comfy track pants pairing is all about looking updated and modern. Pairing the right colours of sweatshirts and men’s track pants always accentuates the look. Add colourful sneakers to the mix. These outfit pairings will give a distinct fashion edge.

Types of track pants for men

Designed around the 1920s, track pants for men were originally designed as athletic wear. As time went on its definition has undergone a transformative change. Track pants for men are usually made of lightweight fabrics like polyester or nylon. The materials chosen are smooth, soft, comfortable and wrinkle-free. Track Pants for men are available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Here are a few tips to style your men’s track pants

Track pants are the crowning glory in the era of comfortable fashion. They’re comfortable, versatile and most importantly easy to wear. With these trendy tips to style track pants for men, you can wear them for just about any outing. 

  •   Never wear the waist below the hips. In line with the current trend to wear the pants above the waist, track pants for men should be worn slightly above the hips, so that they create a clean silhouette that falls to the ankle.
  •   Make it a point to buy track pants for men that do not drape or bag around the ankle area.
  •   The relationship between your upper wear and your track pants is really important
  •   Avoid too many colours, the best styling for men’s track pants is to make use of a monochromatic or two-colour combination.
  •   Make sure you create a fitting silhouette. Track pants for men should create a harmonious and even line from the hip portion to the ankle without it being baggy or tight.

Whether you’re heading out to buy groceries, working out, chilling at home, making a zoom call or meeting your friends, you can be comfortable and stylish with men’s track pants. 

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