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Airtrack, the bouncy gym mat

Airtrack, Air track or Air mat, or inflatable track this mat has many names. I will walk you through the benefits and use cases of this bouncy gym mat. It is underestimated by some as an “inflatable air mattress”. Thus, the Airtrack mattress has meanwhile made a name for itself in many sports and has become almost indispensable there.

Airtrack, what is it?

But what is Airtrack anyway?

In short, the classic version is simply an air-filled tumbling track, but it can be used in many different ways. Besides the inflatable track, other inflatable products are used such as:

  • Springboards and exercise floats filled with air,
  • Carpet wedges
  • Inflatable floor mats
  • or training aids.

When needed, the Airtrack mats can be inflated easily and quickly.

Benefits of an Airtrack

The Airtrack mat has become popular due to its many positive features. First of all, the rug has the lovely advantage of having no edges or hard surfaces that require additional padding or fixing. This makes the mat safer compared to conventional alternatives and reduces the risk of injury.

Another advantage of the Airtrack is the space-saving storage and low weight. So when the Airtrack is not in use, it can be rolled up like an air mattress and carried to the equipment room. The mat is also lighter than comparable spring floors. So even children can tidy up the airstrip by themselves.

  • All advantages at a glance:
  • Soft and safe
  • Adjustable spring action
  • Gentle on the joints
  • Light
  • Space-saving storage
  • Versatile

The Airtrack mat is adjustable

Air filling also helps regulate the hardness of the mat, and therefore its springiness, by adding air to varying degrees: 

Depending on the desired hardness, the mat can be inflated to the appropriate degree. Air filling also makes the mat easier on seams.

Infants and children live out their natural need to move and build their motor skills on airstrips. In addition, young people can try their hand and quickly experience a sense of accomplishment.

Finally, the mat can be used in different ways, since its use in competitive gymnastics is by no means an end in itself. The possibility of linking several Airtracks together opens up many new areas of use. The mat is even suitable for exercise therapy, as it is an ideal training tool to promote or maintain mobility and stability.

Airtrack, bouncing gym mat use case

The Airtrack mat offers a variety of uses, even in different sports. The fields of application are practically unlimited.


The first inflatable gym tracks were designed for gymnasts and were used as an alternative:

  • tumbling tracks,
  • to the gymnastic mats on the floor
  • and revolving floors.
  • Due to the spring effect and the resulting joint protection, high repetition rates are also possible.

Bouncing gym mats and other air-filled devices often replace conventional alternatives. Indeed, they are soft, light and take up little space.

Cheerleader training

Besides gymnastics, air track mat are also ideal for cheerleading: The mats are stable enough for the pyramids, but still flexible enough to bounce and therefore train jumps and acrobatic or gymnastic elements.

By combining several inflatable tracks, it is even possible to create a competition-ready surface that can be set up in a short time.

Kameymall oline

The strong spring effect also makes the Airtrack mat and its relative ideal trampolines. The long inflatable tracks are ideal for keeping larger groups moving thanks to their resemblance:

  • with the inflatables
  • or airbags.
  • Thus, the very stimulating character makes the mat also makes it a fun attraction at various festivals.

Martial Arts

Some martial arts, such as martial arts, require a stable and secure surface that is both durable and serves as fall protection.

The Airtrack can also be clamped for this purpose:

  • The spring effect makes it ideal for training large movements
  • The combination of several Airtracks is well suited to promote agility and speed as well as stability, strength, and endurance.
  • Dropping exercises can also be done without fear.

For combat sports or other sports

As with martial arts, course-free runners and trail runners can also benefit from Airtrack.

  • On the soft surface, athletes can not only practice falling.
  • So he can also learn movement sequences and tricks safely and without fear. Additionally, obstacles can be replaced with air-filled training aids. As a result, the first passages of new elements no longer pose a problem.

School sports activity

The Kameymall Airtrack is practically predestined for school sports. Due to the fear of injury that many students experience when using conventional gym equipment, As a result, teachers often find it difficult to teach gymnastics techniques to their students. Using the Airtrack mat, trampoline horses or air-filled bottles, students can first practice safely and fearlessly while landing softly. In addition, the better spring effect compared to conventional alternatives makes first attempts much easier for students.


Additionally, various show acrobats can use the Airtrack Mat as a floor surface for their needs. The Airtrack is already loved by some well-known bands due to its quiet operation. From its small storage space, acrobatics enthusiasts can also take advantage of its flexible and elastic surface.

Do stunts

Stuntmen can also use the landing strip to perfect their tricks or to land after various stunts. But the Airtrack mat is not only popular in the world of stunts as a training device. In addition, he is also part of some tricks and sometimes even plays the main role in them.

Airtrack At home

Smaller track mats (bouncing gym mats) are also ideal for home training. Children especially enjoy practicing newly learned elements in gymnastics or simply using the mat as a trampoline. But adult athletes and professionals also use the inflatable gym mat for training outside the gym.

Balance and stabilization

The Airtrack mat offers a wide range of sports, in addition to its elastic properties for jumps, tricks, and landings. So it can also be used as an unstable base for balance and stabilization exercises.