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Common Hair Care Myths Debunked

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Are you so fond of your hair that you never let go of a hair care tip on the internet swing by without trying it out. Luckily you have stumbled on the right article, keep on reading to know how some hair care tips on the internet are just myths and they may cause more harm to your hair than any good.

1. You should abandon the conditioner for homemade masks

There is nothing wrong with mixing up stuff from your pantry or kitchen and turning them into a mask for your hair, but it is certainly not right to believe that these natural hair masks are better than your store bought conditioner.

It is really common for people to think that conditioners are formulated with toxic chemicals and they do more harm to your hair than good. However the facts say that applying a conditioner on the lengths of your hair after shampooing makes your hair soft and frizz-free.

It also makes your hair look well-nourished. If you are still doubtful about using a conditioner visit the Best dermatologist in Lahore, take their opinion on the matter and decide what you think is best for your hair.

2. Wash your hair frequently

Just like other hair care tips this is something that has been passed down from a grandmother to a granddaughter or maybe some may have read it somewhere on the web. And without thinking twice, most girls wash their hair so much that they end up suffering from serious hair fall. Frequent washes can suck up all natural oils from your scalp leaving it dry and they also make your hair vulnerable.

Even the most oily hair of the world doesn’t need to be washed daily. If you are someone with oily hair and greasy hair steals your confidence away, it is better to switch to a dry shampoo rather than making your hair go through the daily struggle of washes. But mind you, dry shampoo can never replace your regular shampoo. It can only save you from shampooing a maximum of two times in a row.

3. Trimming your hair improves hair growth

Aren’t we all aware that hair growth occurs from the roots and not from the ends. So if we put some logic into this equation of trimming your hair for multiplying its growth the end result that most women end up with is shorter hair.

We completely agree that trimming your hair helps with getting rid of split ends and damaged parts of your hair so they become easy to manage and look healthier but trimming doesn’t really play a part in improving your hair growth. So it’s high time women should stop cutting their hair short just to get longer hair later.

4. Brush your tresses more to make them healthier

It is shocking that people still find time to brush their hair 100 times a day because they think it will make their hair healthier. The fact here is excessive brushing doesn’t do any good to your hair, rather it breaks your hair up and damages them in a way you can only imagine.

What Skin specialist in Islamabad and dermatologists all over the world suggest is that one should only brush their hair once in a day or maximum twice. Brushing less gives your hair the margin to be and trust us when we say your hair is the happiest when you just let them be.