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Never Follow for Numbers

There’s a widespread use of follower bots and fake accounts now, so the number of followers you have should not be your primary goal when it comes to measuring the success you have on social media. Avoid indiscriminately following thousands of users in the hopes that they follow you back because this will ruin your feeds with an oversaturation of posts.

The frantic following of random people becomes spam, and it detracts from the value of your follow. Advertising on social media and creating an influential account on different platforms is imperative for business success nowadays. If you want to increase your sales and get yourself in front of thousands of potential customers, if not millions, then creating a social media profile is important.

However, it’s better to start with just one and work your way up to having multiple accounts. Once you know how to market on a specific channel, you have to learn how to market on another channel in a different manner.

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I do hope the information in this book has helped you figure out the puzzle of marketing on social media. It is my sincere hope that you will utilize the tips in this book to significantly improve your overall marketing skills and make your online business rewarding and of great success. Thank you for reading!

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