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Popular Ring Types for Minimalists

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Rings have come a long way from being just circles of silver or gold into a much fancier version we get to see today. The transformation resulted from peoples’ liking of rings in various eras. And this trend of wearing rings continues even today and is expected to continue in years to come. While rings are an elegant piece of jewellery, do they fall within the minimalist’s definition of must-have accessories? Well, the answer is yes. But since various rings, not all rings fit a minimalist’s description of being the perfect accessory they would want to own.

From white gold finger rings to pave setting diamond rings- there are quite a few ring types that every minimalist loves. So if you’re planning to buy a ring or two for a minimalist friend of yours, you should consider purchasing a ring from the following list shared below.

1. Diamond Solitaire Ring

A preferred choice of many minimalists, the diamond solitaire ring is here to stay. It is subtle, understated, sophisticated, yet never simple. The solitaire setting brings a precisely cut diamond into the main focal point, making the ring grab more attention than ever. If you’ve chosen a diamond solitaire ring wherein the diamond has excellent grade and quality, you can be confident of attracting everyone’s attention without accessorizing much.

2. Halo Rings with a Precious Gemstone

For the uninitiated, a halo ring is a ring wherein a center gemstone, i.e., diamond, ruby, emerald, etc., is encircled and enclosed by several small, brilliant-cut pave diamonds. This setting amplifies the appearance of the center stone, making it look extra big, alluring, and stunning. It is why all it takes to grab attention is a stellar halo ring featuring your favorite gemstone.

3. Pave Setting Rings

Any ring whose surface is covered in diamonds to create a lustrous and glittering surface is worth every minimalist’s attention. These rings exude luxury, class, and a sophisticated, royal look like no other. Though one can get a pave setting ring made of any gemstone of their preference, the best rings are usually made with brilliant-cut small diamonds placed closely together and held securely in place by tiny platinum or gold beads. If you’re a minimalist, you have to own at least one ring with pave settings.

4. Three-Stone Rings

Also known by many as Bostonian rings, three-stone rings are very much the name suggests, i.e., a ring made using three gemstones. The gemstone can be the same for all three spots or different for each. It will all depend on the choice of the person wearing it. A traditional design of a three-stone ring features a large diamond at the center flanked by two small gemstones. But if you look at the newer designs, all three stones are almost the same size.

5. Rings with a Bezel Setting

Of all the ring types available in the market, the ones with bezel settings turn out to be the most sought-after by minimalists. In this ring type, the central diamond or gemstone is beautifully wrapped to the rim featuring an elegant platinum or gold edging. This ring type draws peoples’ attention to the center stone, while ensuring that peoples’ gaze is firmly held for all right reasons. One can consider rings with a bezel setting to be the sparkling star attraction. For those who want something distinct along the same lines, partial bezel setting rings are also available.

With so many options around, minimalists can never run short of options. If you want one stellar jewellery piece for yourself or for a minimalist friend, get a ring from the list above. You won’t regret this decision.