Side Effects of Sports

The benefits of sports are in abundance. Everyone knows how sports help us mentally and physically as sports assist us with leadership, confidence, and skill set. It is recommended to have at least one type of sport in our daily routine. But not many people know that there are some adverse effects of sports on us too. However, sports can also lead to severe problems if the sports have been a lot of the body or intense workout has been done which can cause psychological problems or can cause being underweight.


The most affecting and significant drawbacks of sports are injuries. Injuries are uncertain and can take place at any time. There are numerous levels of injuries, whether a minor muscle pull or backbone dislocation with various healing times; sometimes, a minor injury can take days to recover for older people as healing ability decreases with time. Some injuries leave a mark for a lifetime, and some are incurable and will haunt you for life.

Stress Issues And Insomnia

Sports can put stress on people. Losing a match or being unable to pull your special moves in the field can cause stress which may ruin your day or keep you depressed for days. Big matches can create anxiety among the players, and nervousness can cause adrenaline to rush up. Similarly, playing sports till late can create problems in your sleeping patterns and cause insomnia as your mind and body are still occupied in the sport and what happens in the field.


Pushing yourself too hard and too far can cause serious health risks. Having intense workouts and playing sports every day can cause severe loss of weight to a greater extent which is a serious concern. Issues related to anorexia are critical and may take days to recover or come back to their initial state.

Lack Of Stable Social Connections and Skill Set With The Players

If you are in a team where you can not bond with others, it will cause serious problems. Coordination with teammates is crucial in sports and necessary to win a match. Also, if your teammates are not in the same level of skill as you, for instance, if your teammates have more extraordinary skills in that sport than you, it will be different for you to catch up and coordinate with them. Similarly, it will be hard for you if your teammates have a lower skill level in the game.

Organization And Lack Of Control

Being in a team with lots of clashes with the teammates can be a nightmare. Organizing a team is very difficult if you have beef with the players, or lack of practice matches can make it difficult infinite of times. It requires a lot of patience and concentration from the players. It is a lot easier to play a sport independently, but things can go south if you’re on a team and have a coach. In that case, you can not have control in decision making in a sport, unlike when you were on your own.

Despite all of the drawbacks, the benefits of sports have the upper hand and are dominant. We should participate in sports but with patience and understanding.

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