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Voodoo love spells with hair

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Any person who has performed rituals with hair knows that the most difficult thing is not to protect oneself or to accumulate enough energy. The most difficult thing is to get the hairs needed to perform the ritual. It’s quite easy to do if you and the target live together. You can even cut some hair with scissors when the target is asleep to cast your voodoo love spells with hair. But what if you live apart? There are several methods used by professional and beginning spellcasters. The most popular method is finding out which hair salon the target goes to, talking to the hair dresser, and buying some hairs left after the target’s had a haircut. Another method is good for people who either work together with the target or visit the target’s place quite often. Most people keep a hair brush at the office – usually in one of the drawers or in the purse. This is where you can get some hairs from. When you do, bring it home and perform your ritual. If you visit the target’s place on a regular basis, go to the bathroom and collect some hairs from the hair brush the target keeps in the bathroom. If the target is a male, check his razor. The hair found on the razor can also be used in magic

rituals, provided you rinse it properly. If none of the described methods works for you because you neither work together nor get invited to the target’s place, you won’t be able to get the target’s hair, so find another spell to cast which doesn’t require any hair. Such spells are usually cast with the use of the target’s personal items, pictures, gifts given to the target, apples, thoughts about the target, and so on. Review the spells listed on our website and find what suits you most. The best place to start is checking out this website, https://spellshelp.com/Spellsbook/Love-spells/voodoo-love-magic-is-the-best-way-to-attract-love-, for this and other kinds of magical spells done by spellcaster Maxim.

Voodoo love spells using hair

All voodoo love spells using hair are cast based on one of the following three principles:

The first one – the hair is attached to the target’s picture enabling the spellcaster to influence the target through the picture.

The second one – the hair is attached to the doll to look like the doll’s hair, moustache or beard (depending on the hair obtained). If pubic hair is used, it’s attached to the doll’s groin, and a sex spell is cast.

The third one – the hair is put in a box, leather case or gris-gris along with the other ingredients as specified in the spell description.

Anyways, the hair is used for targeted influence. Just like one grain of sand contains the map of the Universe according to quantum physics, one hair contains the map of the person’s energy bodies. The target’s hair allows you to crack their protection system and connect to their chakras any time. You can do it over and over again. Just remember that hair should be used for just one voodoo love spell with hair. If you want to cast another spell, get more hair.

As a rule, hair is attached with wax, honey or tar, but never with glue or sticky tape. Voodoo always strives to use natural materials and ingredients. For example, use wax and never plastic to make a voodoo doll. Always prefer natural materials over synthetic ones.

Of course, it’s also important to think about safety. With regard to hair rituals, you should always remember that:

  • Love spells are cast on a waxing moon;
  • Hair shouldn’t be used to influence a third party;
  • You should make sure the hair you’re going to use in your ritual belongs to the target;
  • Don’t touch yourself without washing your hands after a ritual;
  • Don’t touch other people without washing your hands after a ritual as this will weaken their protection system.

Voodoo doll for love spells with hair

Speaking of safety precautions, we should also mention one thing. If you have any hair problems after a ritual, such as hair loss or breakage, perform a purification ritual as soon as possible, because the spell failed to influence the target initiating the specified side-effects. The spell you tried to put on the target failed to enter their energy and came back to you.

A voodoo love spell with hair

The easiest way to cast a voodoo love spell with hair is to perform a ritual with an envelope made of pictures. In this ritual you should use your own hair and the target’s pictures. The pictures should have the same size and show the target alone (no one else is allowed in the pictures). Portraits can’t be used in this ritual. You need pictures in which you can see the target’s fourth chakra. If you’re not sure what it means, let us remind you that the fourth chakra is located in the middle of the chest in all people.

Put the pictures together (face inwards) and sew round with a natural linen or hemp thread. Leave one side open. Now put your hair inside your envelope. However, you shouldn’t cut your hair or collect it from your hair brush. Just put an edge of your healthy hair growing from your scalp inside the envelope and say:

“It’s going to hurt now, but I’m willing to take this pain to be with you. I’m about to have tears in my eyes, but I’m ready and I want to cry from happiness. I’m about to lose one hair but your love (say the name of the target) will become stronger. Your love for me will be as many times as strong as the amount of hairs in this envelope.”

Repeat this spell three times over a period of 17 days and the result will be amazing.

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