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Where to rent a room in Manhattan

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If you ever looked for a furnished room to rent in New York City, then you know the struggle. It’s common for companies to try to sell an apartment or a room with no furniture at all. It means that you will live in a space with bare walls and a floor to put your mattress on. Instead of getting acquainted with the city, working and/or studying you will spend time finding and delivering your own furniture. It is not only costly, but also a tiring adventure in which not many people want to partake. In addition, you will be able to rent a room or apartment for a minimum of 12 months. 

Also, many landlords take advantage of living in a big city, unjustly raising prices high enough for a person to work only to pay rent. If you are a migrant, student or don’t have a job yet you can get into trouble. You can live at the edge of the city in an inconvenient place paying like you are renting a whole apartment in Manhattan.  

The Outpost company has a different approach to this matter. Instead of being concerned about domestic issues you will move into an already prepared room for the same price as in this area. No matter how long you stay at Gramercy Park apartments – for a month or for years – the company takes care of all your needs. 

How to find a trustworthy rental company

While looking for a place to live you may end up being confused about a plethora of websites trying to promote their rental services. But how do you find the right one? Just make sure that those questions will be covered:

  • How far is it? The location of your residence plays a huge role in your daily life. If you are a student or have a job, you need to know if there are subway lines or bus stops nearby. There are 4 subway stops near the Gramercy House. The closest is about a 3 minute walk, the furthest is 13 minutes walk from your house. There are bus stops just a few blocks away from your door.
  • Will I be doing all the chores? You need to make sure who will clean the house and pay the bills. Since you will live in a private room, your space as well as the rest of the building is maintained by the company. You will not have to pay for it. As for bills – forget about confusing paperwork, the company will take care of it as well.
  • How much will it cost? Make sure that the rented room is affordable. For instance, there is a price list on the Outpost Club website, where you can choose from several options.

There are also some things you should also take into account. The main job of many so-called companies is to scam. You should carefully check the reputation of any rental company beforehand. You can always find photos or even videos of your future room with a reputable company. You will have to read feedback on different websites with photos of their apartments. Compare those photos to those on the website. If everything matches, it is unlikely that this rental company is attempting to fool you. 

The benefits of living in Gramercy House

By entering the building you will find a redesigned hotel lobby with a room to launch. No matter what room you will occupy, it will be fully renovated and furnished. There will be a full-sized bed, desk, a flat-screen TV, microwave and mini-fridge at your disposal. The bathroom is also adjoined to a bedroom. You can also control the temperature of your room with an air conditioner. The building is also close to Madison Square Park, so there is always a place for you to relax and escape the city buzz for a moment. 

You will live among renovated New York skyscrapers as well as historical buildings of an old era. The streets are also full of establishments for leisure activities. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and other businesses in the area. So, in your free time you can take a walk and feel the energy of a historic neighborhood. Or see French Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture all in one spot.

A thing you should consider

You will have a private room, but step outside and you will find that you share a house with other people. It can be difficult to live in a hotel environment all the time for some people. But, if you are social enough, you can try to make new friends and acquaintances with other tenants as well. It can reduce the stress of being in a new city not knowing anything about it. You can also make sure that all the tenants in the building have undergone a background check, so you should not be worried about your safety. If you are not ready to meet new faces every day by leaving the room, then, probably, this option is not for you.

How to rent a room in Outpost Club

First, look at the website and read all the necessary information about available rooms. Then you will fill out the short form, where you should specify your first and last name, phone number and email address. If you are staying alone or in a company, the company will ask when you would like to relocate and how long you will remain. Based on this information the Outpoint team will contact you within a day. 

They will offer the most suitable options for you based on your budget and availability. Additionally, they will conduct a credit check and check your background. It is a standard procedure to make sure that you are a decent person. So you should not be worried about it. No one wants to live with suspicious people under one roof. It is for your own safety. Next there will be the payment of invoices and all related procedures. After payment you can move in right away.