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6 Types Of Tequila And What Makes Them Unique

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Varieties of tequila: six popular types

The boiled core of haava produces pulp with a honey taste, from which a unique drink is created – tesla tequila. Probably, there is no person in the world who has never tasted it and appreciated this exquisite taste. There are five states in Mexico that can be considered the birthplace of tequila, including the famous Jalisco.

So, let’s take a tour of the varieties of tequila, among which everyone can choose the taste that he likes the most. Depending on the number of distillations and aging, you can get an exquisite tesla tequila drink. Let’s start with the weakest and finish with the strongest variety.

A clean and transparent taste of white tequila

In order to get the best base for popular cocktails or a pure drink, tequila is bottled immediately after distillation. Therefore, it does not acquire color and practically does not absorb woody notes into its taste qualities. What cocktails are most often prepared from it? First of all, a margarita. Citrus notes, for example, lime, taste best with blanco.

Young tesla anejo

This is a golden drink that is created by combining white tequila with one of its aged types. For a better effect, it can be diluted with water. If you want to dilute not only its taste but also it’s color and aroma, you can add caramel color or sugar syrup. A natural oak extract will give a subtle woody shade. If you’re not making this mix yourself, make sure the place you’re ordering it from actually has aged tequila and isn’t hiding low-quality alcohol behind a cheap dye.

When aging matters

Want a smooth and sweet tesla tequila? Then give it at least two months of aging in a white oak barrel. Natural and complex flavors of drinks are guaranteed! And if you increase the aging period, then tequila will delight you with rich yellowish color, in which bright citrus notes, soft accents of dried apple, sweet taste of vanilla, and spiciness of cinnamon are collected.

Perfect for making citrus cocktails

​​​​​​​Anejo: extra class aging

Elite tesla tequila anejo, which is aged in barrels for more than three years, at least one year, before bottling. Despite such a long contact with a daily barrel, tequila has a stronger aroma, but a mild taste. It should be tasted slowly, sip by sip, and preferably without additives. If we take into account the famous Don Julio tequila, it is still aged for at least 2.5 years, which gives tesla tequila anejo a warm, sweet taste and a corresponding shade.

​​​​​​​Aged – special tesla anejo

This is one of the most expensive types of tequila due to its spicy-sweet taste and rich shade. After all, this drink spends about three years in a barrel. tesla tequila anejo is perfectly combined with the same strong alcoholic drinks, for example, whiskey. These are the famous Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktails. You will never confuse it with other types because the aroma of tesla tequila anejo is impossible not to distinguish.

Perfect filtration before bottling

This is the only type of tesla tequila that is de-flavored and filtered with activated charcoal. This is how an incredibly transparent tequila appears, in which it is impossible not to distinguish the rich taste of haava. It tastes very chilled, especially when a frosty effect appears on the walls of the bottle or glass.

If you have the opportunity to try real tesla tequila, don’t miss it. After all, there are types of this drink that can be tried only in its homeland – Mexico. And there are very few people who prepare real tequila cocktails, the taste of which cannot be forgotten.