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Traumatic Brain Injury From Truck Accidents -Symptoms!

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A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, is a strong or violent blow to the head that might result in brain damage. If a blunt object is struck hard enough, or if a sharp object pierces through the skull and damages the brain tissue, there can be severe consequences for the person. 

Regardless of whether the blow penetrates or non-penetrates, the human brain can be impaired, as it is a susceptible organ in our body. A victim of a traumatic brain injury might suffer only for a couple of days or be permanently affected in the form of loss of senses or cognitive abilities. If you or someone you know needs a truck accident lawyer in Cedar Rapids, you can click on the link.

How are TBIs caused?

Traumatic brain injuries predominantly occur in a very limited demographic of people. Some include:

  • Sportspersons
  • Construction employees
  • Workers in law enforcement
  • Military personnel

Sometimes old people or even toddlers experience TBI as they stumble and hit their heads on a hard or sharp surface. Studies have identified the overall causes of TBIs in the USA, along with their rates:

  • Due to falls – 40%
  • Automobile accidents – 14%
  • Assaults – 11%
  • Being struck by a heavy or sharp object – 15%
  • Other causes – 20%

In any case, you should know the symptoms of a brain injury to take appropriate action.

Symptoms of a serious brain injury:

We can categorize a TBI into mild, moderate, and traumatic:

  • Mild brain injury 

If you or your loved ones experience these symptoms, you do not really have much to worry about. Although you can always visit a doctor to be on the safe side, these symptoms are all probably the result of a concussion:

  1. Unconsciousness for a few minutes
  2. Conscious, but the person feels weak and confused
  3. Hearing a ringing sound
  4. Fatigue
  5. Headache and dizziness
  6. Blurred eyesight
  7. Feeling nauseatic
  • Moderate to traumatic brain injury

These are a bit more serious and can last up to a few days. If you feel any of the symptoms above or the following ones, consult a neurologist immediately:

  1. Eye(s) become dilated
  2. Seizures
  3. Speaking unclear words or being unable to speak at all
  4. Being confused most of the time
  5. Change in personality
  6. Constant headaches that do not reduce over time
  7. Feeling agitated and nauseatic
  8. Difficulty organizing or multitasking
  9. Slowed thinking or processing information
  10. Social withdrawal or isolation

It is important to note that these symptoms can vary widely based on the person and the exact areas of the brain affected by the injury. If you suspect a traumatic brain injury, seeking medical attention for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is crucial.