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3 Ways to Build Productive Influencer Relationships

Day by day, we see how influencer marketing is growing as a separate branch of digital marketing. Initially, people would think that it is as easy as it sounds: contact a famous person, give him your product, and ask to promote it. Sorry to disappoint you, but the scenario is at least a little different. Moreover, being careful is quite essential when working with influencers. They not only can promote but also negatively affect your brand’s or product’s reputation. So, to build a productive influencer relationship, at least follow the steps below: 

1. First Impression is Important

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” they say. This statement is correct when first contacting an influencer. When contacting, make sure you know their promotion style, cooperation details, and preferred ways of cooperation. Familiarize yourself with the content on the platform they are working on, be it Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok. From the first minute, you should let the influencer know that you like their work, their way of expressing themselves and that you are fully aware of what they do. If you meet them or have an online meeting, show interest by taking meeting meeting notes. They will appreciate the fact they are known, loved, and respected. 

2. Wisely Choose the Words

Acquiring new customers might be challenging, but having a good relationship with the influencers will help you in this journey. Your second task for building a productive relationship with the influencer would include the correct choice of words when contacting. Be it a call, an email, or a message, you should be polite but also friendly. In addition, you will need to let the influencer know the culture of your company, the way you imagine your cooperation, and be open to suggestions. You should politely express these key points that will be important for the communication later. Finally, keep a polite attitude always when you ask for a social media report or general statistics. 

3. Show gratitude and respect

It seems like the first two steps already include the concept of the third point. However, there is a need to specify that. Although we say that the first impression is essential and the correct choice of words would positively influence further communication, a lot depends on respect and gratitude. When you communicate with the influencer, make sure you give them freedom in creativity or their way of expressionism. You can even send a small gift or a simple note to respect them and their work. If you continue collaborating with the same influencer for a while, make sure he knows he is appreciated. After all, he helps you increase customer engagement around your brand. 

A good relationship with influencers can significantly improve your brand’s or product’s reputation. It is a part of the chain when the influencer loves the product or even you that they will do anything in their powers to make a good impression of your brand. Remember, you can be more enthusiastic as your brand and product are promoted. Take good care of the influencers you are working with. It is a crucial point for a productive relationship!