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4 Resume Mistakes that Will Cost You the Job

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One of the crucial parts of being successfully prepared to apply for a new job is a resume. It needs to be professional and visually appealing to the eye of your potential employers. Your resume is also the first impression you have of the company. However, especially if you’re applying for a job for the first time, there are some mistakes you may make.

But don’t worry since resume mistakes are common. That’s why we have this small guide here, which all the possible errors to avoid.

Four resume mistakes to avoid when applying for a job 

In the following steps, we will go over some common mistakes candidates make regarding resumes.

1. Making grammatical errors and typos

This is a big no-no when applying for jobs because it speaks of how fluent you are in a particular language and how well you can communicate. So, before sending your resume and cover letter, check for typos, commas, and grammar errors once more. Moreover, if you’re applying for a European funding network program, don’t forget this step because many people will see your resume and make their decision based on that. 

On the other hand, if your resume is well-written and doesn’t have grammatical errors, you will already have one competitive advantage.  

2. Sending the same resume to every employer

You need to have one resume that can be used for applying to different jobs in different companies. Some types of information will stay the same, such as your contact info or hobbies. However, when it comes to showing your experience or skills, make sure to align your resume with the company’s requirements for the job. 

If you will sell services online, don’t forget to highlight your sales and communication skills, mention the software you can use in the process, etc. To do this, research the job description and the company to create a more relevant resume for the position. 

3. Not highlighting real accomplishments

Often candidates focus on showing the soft skills instead of sharing some real work accomplishments they had in previous jobs. However, if you want to make your resume succeed and leave a positive impression on the employer, it’s essential to understand what achievements and previous wins you should mention. 

In the meantime, make sure to show that you’re flexible for the hybrid work model, can complete some small tasks outside your comfort zone, and be adaptable to your company’s requirements.  

4. Including outdated or irrelevant information

When you apply for a job, it’s essential to share information that’s not old or irrelevant. If you do otherwise, it will confuse the employer, and they won’t understand why you spoke about a specific skill or why you’ve included your future goals. But, again, this comes down to exploring the job description in detail and structuring your resume accordingly. So, make sure to include your experience based on the skills required in the announcement and make the employer’s job easier when hiring you.


Overall, it’s essential to stay true to yourself and show the skills and experience you have. This way, your potential employers will learn more about you and determine whether you’re suitable for the job. Then, in the future, when you get hired, you won’t have any issues regarding the different work tasks you will have.