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Notarize series

The electronic notary startup Notarize has a massive market opportunity and the company is preparing for an epic expansion. In recent months, Notarize has experienced a surge of activity in the real estate, financial services, and automotive industries. But the company has struggled to raise money. This is one of the reasons why Pat Kinsel, the founder of Notarize, laid off 30 percent of his staff in January. While he was disappointed about the state of the company’s finances, he was also gratified to see Notarize gain valuable momentum.

Notarize is a remote online notarization service that offers users a way to sign official documents digitally. Since its launch in 2015, the company has onboarded major clients across various industries. Now, the company is ready to expand into the healthcare industry. It plans to add more products and services later this year. With its new capital, the company plans to expand its team and increase its service offerings.