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5 Differences Between MCBs and MCCBs

What is an MCB?

MCB stands for miniature circuit breaker. It is a self-operating electromechanical device that is used to protect the electrical system and circuit via a breaking capacity or interrupting rate and hence prevent abnormal conditions such as over current or short circuit.

In normal conditions, a rated amount of current runs through an MCB. However, it trips if there is excess current flowing. An MCB operates under two mechanisms, i.e., the thermal tripping effect and the magnetic tripping effect. When there is an ongoing over electric current flow, the bimetallic strip gets heated and deflects. This deflection releases the built-in mechanical latch, which is connected to the operating mechanism causing it to open or trip the miniature circuit breaker contacts. However, in the case of a short circuit, the sudden rise in the electric current leads to an electromechanical displacement of the plunger associated with the tripping coil of the MCB. The plunger strikes the trip lever causing an instant release of the latch mechanism, which trips or opens the circuit breaker contacts.

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These miniature circuit breakers are available in single, two, and three-pole versions and are commonly used for domestic purposes such as the protection of air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

What is an MCCB?

MCCB is shortly used for molded case circuit breakers. MCCB is also a self-operating electromechanical device that protects the electrical system and circuit via interrupting, which prevents abnormal conditions such as over current or short circuit. MCCBs have a current rating of upto 2500A and henceforth can be used for a wide range of voltages and incidences with adjustable trip settings.

Like a miniature circuit breaker, a molded case circuit breaker also operates under a dual mechanism, i.e., a temperature-sensitive device (the thermal element) and a current-sensitive electromagnetic device (the magnetic element) which helps the trip appliance for protection and separation purposes.

With so many similarities, people often get confused between an MCB and MCCB. To help you understand better and clear your confusion, we have differentiated the two.

Differences between an MCB and MCCB

  • An MCB protects the system from overload current, whereas an MCCB protects from over temperature.
  • The tripping circuit of an MCB is fixed, and the tripping circuit of MCCB is movable.
  • An MCB is available in single, two, and three-pole versions, whereas an MCCB is available in single, two, three, and four-pole versions.
  • The main difference between the two is their capacity. An MCB has less than 125 amps, whereas an MCCB goes as high as 2500 amps.
  • MCBs are used for domestic purposes, and MCCB is used for industrial and commercial purposes.

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