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5 Professional tips for repairing chimney crown

The heat and elements constantly wear and tear chimney crowns, making them necessary to repair from time to time. Chimney crowns serve as protectors, and you can quickly repair them yourself without incurring a substantial financial commitment. If you have enough knowledge of masonry repair and know-how, then you can fix it yourself. But if you don’t know, then don’t take a risk and hire some professional for this job because the chimney crown is a vital part of the chimney which protects your whole chimney masonry. There are two ways recommended by Atlantic brick & stone post. But here are our tips for DIY repair chimney crowns.

Concrete Cracks

You can fill in the cracks visible on your crown if you do not want to make a new crown. Prepare a mixture using thin-set mortar and water that doesn’t come out lumpy or too stiff. Please fill up all cracks with the material by troweling them into them. Finish by rubbing a flat piece of wood over the cracked surface and levelling and smoothing the surface with more mortar.


If you cannot concretize your crown cracks, seal or caulk them instead. Remove the rock pieces and clean the cracked area. Spread some caulk or Sealant evenly across the crack and let it dry. To do this, a brush must be used. The filler and sealer work together to repair damages. Don’t just fill the cracks on the surface, but fill them into a good depth. With a damp rag, wipe away the excess caulk.

Remove the damaged part.

A damaged crown must be removed in order to ensure the proper repairs can be made. Make sure the roof is clean by covering it with a drop cloth. Put the chisel near the top edge of the crown, away from the flue, and hammer gently on it to break the concrete. Those pieces that have broken can be put in a bucket or container.

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Preparing Mortar

A mix of two parts mason cement and one part gravel is recommended. The amount must be increased if your chimney is bigger while maintaining the same ratio. Before you add water to the dry mixture, you should make sure that there are no lumps. Once that is achieved, you can add water very slowly until it makes sense for the mix to retain some moisture but not be too watery. Approximately a cup of bonding agent should be added and mixed well.

Complete the Repair

Apply the concrete mixture to the chimney and replace the crown that is detached around the flue. It must be made of four inches of material if the chimney’s flue is about six inches from the top. It is recommended to build the crown 2 inches above the flue summit if the flue is low to the ground. After applying more cement, take another look to see if it sticks to the chimney body. The trowel should be used to spread evenly. Make a chopping motion with the trowel, so the mortar adheres more strongly to the crown. Furthermore, this minimizes the chances of the crown becoming hollow due to air bubbles. It should be slanted away from the flue place, and the mortar surface should be smoothed. The crown should then be let dry for a day before it is painted with a water sealant, such as crown coat, to make it waterproof. Two brush-on coats should be enough.

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