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5 reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer in Hillsville

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Auto accidents, including collisions and crashes, are not rare in Virginia. Even the most cautious and mindful drivers end up getting involved in on-road mishaps. While most accidents in Hillsville result in property damage, people also suffer unfortunate injuries. If you were injured in such an accident, you should think of seeking legal advice. Here are five solid reasons to hire a Hillsville auto accident lawyer

  1. To know your claim. Virginia is a tort state, but at the same time, it also has a very strict “contributory negligence” rule. You should hire a lawyer to know if you have a valid claim. Your lawyer can explain what your claim is worth and what you can anticipate from your case. 
  2. To investigate the accident. If you want to sue the other driver, you need evidence. Typically, you would file a third-party insurance claim, and the insurance company will do its share of the investigation. However, you must act right away to gather a copy of the police report and other evidence. Get an attorney so that they can take over. 
  3. To negotiate better. As per the contributory negligence rule in Virginia, a party cannot sue the other at-fault party if they are at fault. Even if you have a very small share of the blame, you cannot seek compensation from the at-fault driver. Insurance companies would obviously want to find your fault. An accident attorney can negotiate better and defend your interests. 
  4. To fight a lawsuit. Most accident lawsuits in Hillsville are settled amicably through discussions and negotiations. However, if your case ends up in trial, you will need an expert to defend you. Just ensure that you hire an attorney who has trial experience. 
  5. To save your time. From investigating the accident to gathering evidence for your case, your lawyer can take care of all steps. As per the statute of limitations, you can file a civil lawsuit in Virginia within two years from the date of the accident. In short, you don’t have much time and must take action immediately. 

Most law firms in Hillsville offer a free assessment for personal injury victims. You can meet an attorney and discuss the case, and only when you are convinced of a fruitful outcome, should you hire an attorney. You don’t have to pay an attorney right away – lawyers charge a contingency fee, which is only payable after winning the lawsuit.