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5 Things You Need to Know About Human Hair Products

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Human hair toppers and wig maintenance are two of the most important things those with alternative hair worry about. Human hair is more costly than synthetic fibers. Taking good maintenance on human hair wigs and toppers will extend their lives and maintain their natural appearance.

With no proper care, wearable products for human hair may develop frizz or tangles after just one or two wash cycles (by applying the incorrect products for hair care or products that cause them to become frizzy after only one wash). 

Human hair wigs and toppers aren’t the same as our hair, which is still growing from our scalps and is filled with healthy oils and nutrients, which is why it is crucial to maintain your hair item for human use to ensure they remain shiny. Here we’ll share some great advice on what you should be aware of regarding keeping hair human hair products.

Brush and detangle

Firstly, it’s expected that your hair topper sheds a little hair while brushing. But it’s essential to brush the hair gently to avoid any shedding or breakage. For proper maintenance of your hair, using a large comb is more suitable for human hair. If you’re combing products for long hair, divide the hair into sections and gently brush it, starting at the end and working towards the top. 

Make sure not to drag your hair through knots. Instead, apply hair oil or spray for detangling and work gently through knots. All types of products remain in good condition like the lace front wig’s color remains the same.

Check your shampoo

Organic shampoos and products for hair care are highly recommended with your human hair wig or topper. The lower the number of chemical components within the products more beneficial for your hair. Beware of harsh shampoos; for hair wigs, straight bundles with closures selecting moisturizing and nourishing hair products are best. 

Since toppers and wigs don’t have a natural supply of scalp oils to protect hair, they are more susceptible to dryness than hair that we have. Additionally, it is a given that you should not wash your hair with soap or laundry detergent for washing hair of other types.

Get rid of the Dye

On bgmgirl, the entire range of human hair is dyeable to darken the color; however, only human hair purchased in the shade “Natural Black’ is bleachable because this shade hasn’t been colored. 

But, to keep the human hair you wear as a wig or topper healthy and full of health and long-lasting, It is not advised to bleach or dye the hair. Bleach and dyes may cause dryness and damage to hair that is wearable. Consulting a professional is highly advised if you want to dye your human hair.

Washing and caring afterward

A hairdryer can dry hair when you’ve washed your hair, wig, or human hair topper. Choose the setting that uses cold temperatures that will dry off the front part of the wig and then let the remainder of the wig dry out in the air. 

The use of a blow-dryer can aid in preventing frizzy hair since hair is dried in only one direction. Furthermore, you can stop breakage by not combing the hair when it’s damp.

Limit All Heat

Although human hair products can be styled using heat tools, they’re much more fragile than our hair. Tools for styling hair with heat could cause damage to our natural hair if frequently used. Therefore, even though you can use heat tools on an afro-hair wig or even a topper, it will reduce their longevity and increase the chance of frizz and tangling.