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6 Tips For Working With Facebook Algorithm To Increase Your Organic Reach

Whether you hate or love the way Facebook algorithm works but in order to become successful in marketing you have to understand every aspect of algorithm. Facebook is one of the most used social media platform with over 2 billion people using it. So in order to keep thing organise Mark Zuckerberg used an AI based algorithm which enhances the user experience completely.

So if you want to increase your Facebook page likes you have to understand what the AI based algorithm is and how it does work.

What is Facebook algorithm?

It is a programming which determine what kind of post you see and what kind of content you are interested in so that in future you will only witness post related to your interest. Have you ever wondered once you like a niche then the next post will appear related to them? All of this is possible only with the help of Facebook algorithm.

It evaluates every single post that a user C so that it can enhance their user experience by giving them only content they like. One thing you will all notice that you do not receive any kind of inappropriate content which you are not interested in because of artificial intelligence programming.

Tips to increase your visibility by working with algorithm

Now many of you wonder as a content creator how can you increase your Facebook page likes by working side by side with the algorithm. Here are some tips which can help you to thrive your page all over the Internet.

1.  Understanding what your audience want to see –

Keep on making content is not only necessary thing which will help you to generate traffic. If someone did not find your content quite interesting they will less likely to stay on your page. So if you want to make further meaningful content make sure to take advice from your audience. They will be able to tell you about your drawbacks and what kind of things you should add while making your post.

2.   Create accurate and authentic content –

One of the major factor you should keep in mind that making content which do not relate to anything or you can say that low quality content will never be able to generate traffic to your page. Make sure to write clear headlines so that your audiences can easily get attracted. Be truthful in whole content. Misleading your viewers will again lead to destruction of your page.

3.  Never mess with algorithm by manipulating it –

Do not ever try to manipulate your algorithm by providing them content with misleading information. For instance if your content is related to football but you are using title and hashtag according to trend section but they are not related will automatically decrease the fan following of your page because in the eye of algorithm your content will no longer be useful for anyone.

4.  Engage with your audience –

Are you replying to your audience is a key factor which makes you a good content creator and help you to generate good amount of FB page likes. Using comment section and going life would be an ideal option for you to interact with your viewers and let them know that you care for your audience.

You can also pick up some popular types of question asked by your audience and make a different video related to that by answering their all the queries. It will satisfy the needs of your customer.

5.  Use the latest feature to make content –

There is one of the trendiest feature introduced by Instagram that is known as reel. After Facebook acquired Instagram they have also launched the same feature for their application. This is a perfect opportunity for people who like to make short videos to share their knowledge.

This is not helpful only for making content but there are many influences today who have gained a huge popularity by making videos around 10 to 15 seconds on Instagram and Facebook. It can be a useful feature to provide instant fame to users.

6. Use Facebook advertisement feature –

Facebook advertisement feature a topmost strategy used by every prominent social media marketing managers and content creator to make their content more visible in the area where  no one knows you. The advertisement feature allows you to promote your post. This will be paid promotion you have to pay them with few bucks.

Apart from this, you can gradually increase the area for your advertisement by providing them with more money. More the money you will provide Facebook more the area they will cover for your advertisement.


Facebook is among social media giants. To organise such big platform it is required to have an algorithm and artificial intelligence based programme. They are fully functional and specifically designed to enhance user experience by providing them with good quality content according to their interest. These program fully feeds on data and collect every single activity that you does on their application.