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7 Reasons to Choose Books as a Present This Year

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As the holiday season of cheer, magic, and wonder is on its way, more and more people have been spending time trying to find the perfect presents for their loved ones.

And as a child, you would have memories of making snow angels, baking sugar cookies, and counting down to Christmas day to unwrap all the presents.

However, no matter how many Lego sets or video games you tore open during the Christmas season, there is one timeless gift, and those were books!

So now that you are spending money to buy Christmas presents for your child, why not give them a book of their own? Because by gifting them cute jellycat books, you will also be helping them to open up a world of imagination and creativity.

In this feature, you will read the top 7 reasons why gifting a book makes for such a wonderful present for your little ones!

A Book is a Timeless Present

At first glance, a book might not seem like a lot. However, by giving your child a book, you can give them something that they will enjoy time and time again!

And the best part is that, even after the years have passed, you can always retreat to your favourite books and pass them on to future generations.

A Book Will Never Go Out of Style

Do you remember the time where fidget spinners and loom bands were popular? They were fun to play with but as seasons went by, so did their craze. Luckily, books are timeless presents as they never lose their appeal.

A Book Promotes Good Reading Habits

Not only can a book be used for educational purposes, but you can also use it to develop helpful characteristics! When you gift your child’s favourite book like novel units to them as a present, it becomes an object of enjoyment, promoting healthy reading habits!

A Book Will Help Your Child Relax

Did you know that a 2009 study done by the University of Sussex revealed that reading (even for 6 minutes) could help bring down stress levels up to 68%? Such is the power of reading books for children!

A Book can Help Build Personality

When your child starts to read, they will be exposed to a whole new world of different events, people, and places new to their usual experience. With this, they are also exposed to different ideas, beliefs and ways of life, which, in turn, helps build their personality. Hi-Lo Books for tweens feature age-respectful and engaging content written at lower reading levels. Intent is to create books that tweens want to read at levels where they can achieve success.

In addition to this, these new experiences can also help them understand the difference between what is right and wrong.

A Book can Increase Intelligence

When your child starts reading right from a young age, they start learning faster and develop a higher intelligence about the world’s knowledge that can help them later on in their lives.

A Book can Open Them to New Worlds

As a child, you will have a few interests of your own. It may be fantasy, jokes, art, fun facts, jokes, and so on. This opens you up to a lot of interesting choices, and this is what makes jellycat books the perfect presents!

By giving your child a personalised book, you will be giving them a chance to learn more about themselves while also developing the habit of curiosity and empathy.

Moreover, you will also be introducing them to a lifetime’s love for the world of literature which they will treasure forever.