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8 Fashionable Men’s Hat Styles for All Occasions

Hats are a timeless, go-to accessory that men of style like to flaunt. They allow the men to present their style statement to the world without being flamboyant or flashy. Hats are versatile, utilitarian, and a stylish inclusion in any man’s ensemble. Be it the cowboy hat or the fedoras, baseball caps, or the bucket hats – all have their own enigma and can change a man’s appearance instantly. But, the event, the season, and what else you have decided to wear – all play a role in determining the right style of hat.

A hat will keep you cool or warm and protect you against the sun. And all of these will be done without compromising your look. It is such a simple accessory, yet it can add a splash of color to any outfit, informal or formal. This article will brief you on the trending men’s hat style you can try.

The Fedora

The fedora hat style has been around for a long time. It’s said to be the most loved hat among men because you can pair it with any outfit. Whether you are an ardent follower of fashion or an occasional styler, a fedora in your closet can fetch you many compliments. Its main feature is its snap brim that can be worn up or down to achieve a distinct look. Fedoras are mostly available in either straw or wool felt. Though you get them in a variety of colors, opt for the neutral tones with medium-width brims. You can create an infinite number of looks with this hat style.

The Trilby

One may frequently get confused between a trilby and a fedora, although the former has a slightly distinct form. Trilbies are also available in straw or wool felt but have a narrower brim and taller crown, which confers them a more everyday look than the more fashionable fedoras. A trilby is less formal, so it’s great for the gentlemen who want to look well but aren’t keen on anything that projects that they are more concerned with fashion. Unlike a fedora, a trilby has a fixed brim. You will never need a fancy suit or a black tie to sport a trilby.

The Derby

You might also know these hats as bowler hats. It’s a formal hat, and you will get them in hard felt. The derbies’ characteristic features are their shorter brims and rounded crowns. These hats have long been linked with bourgeois and blue-collar males alike. Nowadays, it is frequently seen as a slightly amusing accessory that exudes an archaic charm. If you decide to wear one, you’ll have to be confident enough to carry it. If you are thinking of pairing it with a classic three-piece suit and a cane, be prepared to get instantly noticed wherever you decide to step in with this attire.

The Pork Pie

The pork pie is a worthy addition to the collection of fashionable mens hats. The Pork pie hat got its name from its approximate resemblance to a British pork pie. Often referred to as the nearest cousin to the fedora, pork pie hats have flat crowns and slightly curled and upward brims. They also have creases along the top edge (inside). As pork pie hats normally fall under the smart-casual category, so, the suits you will likely select to wear with this hat style should have a fashionable yet casual approach. A safe choice will be to choose a buttoned-down shirt, a navy-blue blazer, khaki pants, pochette, and a felt pork pie.

The Bucket Hat

This hat style has made a triumphant comeback. If you are someone who is looking forward to taking your casual clothing up a level, then try bucket hats. A bucket turned upside down – it’s the shape of the hat (and thus goes without saying that it got its name from there). You can dress it up or down depending on the brand type you wish to wear. You will usually get them in nylon or cotton.

The Cowboy Hats

Well, cowboy hats will surely make a place in the list whenever one talks of fashionable men’s hats. Though it is a vintage-inspired accessory, it still gives you a contemporary vibe. It is unquestionably a wardrobe staple in the Southwest, but we can’t think of a single place in the United States where it would be frowned upon, as long as the occasion isn’t too formal. Family get-togethers, outdoor weddings, and parties are some of the occasions you can flaunt this western hat. To get the edgy look of the cowboys, you can team it up with other western accessories like the boots and the buckle belts. But do not go overboard, as you might end up looking like a walking talking character out of a western-themed movie.

The Panama Hats

A fashionable Panama hat is your ideal warm-weather companion and a bearer of fun-loving vibes, as they are generally light in both color and weight says Chiangrai Times. These hats are made with braided Toquilla palm leaves, which originate in Ecuador. So, it is a well-made and extremely breathable hat.  Now, the question is what is the best way to wear a Panama hat? As it is a springtime or summer headgear, it will go well with seasonal apparel like cotton or linen outfits.

The Straw Hats

Usually, when we speak of straw hats, it’s the boater hats that we refer to. They are also known as skimmers or bashers. Boaters are flat straw hats with colorful ribbons around their crown. But these days, you get straw variants in other hat styles as well, like, the cowboy hats, fedora hats, derby hats, Panama hats, floppy beach hats, and lifeguard hats.


At one point in time, all men wore hats. Most of us must have seen old images showing an ocean of men wearing hats at a baseball game or other informal events. Men wearing hats may not be a daily occurrence, but these simple accessories are a terrific option for people who appreciate dressing up and standing out from the crowd.