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8 marketing and other tools to utilize on your WordPress website

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Marketing is an extremely component of any business, be it an eco-friendly business or a tech-based startup, due to which marketing tools become essential. Similarly, having a WordPress website without crucial marketing tools is like a soldier without his weaponries.

As soon as you’ve launched a website, you need to develop a way through which it’s there on the web. You must be wondering how? Well, by having the right amount of marketing tools and patience. We all prefer great content on our site as it enables us to improve the website traffic, increase sales and get hands-on more subscribers, and for this, all we need is good marketing.

In this guide, we have come up with some marketing tools for your WordPress website;

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides many insights about individuals who visit your website and their particular behaviors. Through this tool, you can easily track the actions of the audience. Through Google Analytics, you can find several things like the amount of users in a particular period, bounce rates, page views, duration of sessions, most viewed pages and posts, conversions, and so on.

WordPress: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most famous WordPress in terms of SEO or search engine optimization, and the good part is it’s free. It is known as one of the highly preferable and downloaded WordPress plugins.

It has three crucial settings for every page and post: Meta keywords, Title, and Meta description. Here you are not restricted to writing custom text or keywords, but you can also identify if the optimization is strong or weak. It also determines the amount of optimization that requires zero assistance.

Access to Edit Flow

Access to an appropriate editorial workflow enables you to develop some creative and unique content regularly. Through Edit Flow, you can leave feedback, add some custom posts, go through the editorial calendar and implement the content strategy with complete expertise.

All such features are easily accessible when properly utilizing a multi-author WordPress blog.

Bring around Old Post

Through this tool, you can save up a lot of time us it posts the articles on social media. Make sure your posts don’t live for a limited time period, and then they are long forgotten. Revive your old post from time to time.

You can make your settings when it comes to sharing the old posts like the number of posts to be revived daily, time intervals between each share, format that should be followed, how old a post needs to be so that it can be shared.


Not all of us can make attractive pictures for our blogs, which is when Canva comes to the rescue. Through Canva, you can create stunning images for the blog posts like an expert with no restrictions about copyright issues.

It is mainly a simple picture editing application or tool that can be run in our browsers. We can choose from various graphics, banners, templates, icons, and texts; – this is helpful for beginners mainly. Once you have completed editing, you must export the picture/ image post and put them in your articles.


Grammarly is a lifesaving tool in the world of WordPress, an incredible grammar checker that WordPress users can use. It can be installed on your browser and add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Once installed, it shows an arrow at the right bottom corner of the text area; as soon as you click on that, you can see the errors highlighted. Contextual, spelling, and grammar errors are all underlined while writing.


Ahrefs is another famous tool through which you can find why competitors have a better edge than you do; it also tells you ways in which you can counter the rivals. Its features like content research and keyword finder enable you to look for content with a good ranking and the reason behind it.

Ahrefs is mainly a vital tool that supervises the web; it can be used to track the website’s search rankings, keywords related to paid advertising, backlinks, and much more.

Shared counts 

This is one of the preferred social media plugins; you can add all your social media sharing buttons to the website’s blogs through shared counts. It also gives the count of shares for articles.

Other options related to social media plugins reduce the website’s speed. Shared counts are a better option which is about speed. It works well with excellent social media sites and has multiple button options that can be used.

These are some marketing tools that you can use to improve your WordPress website.