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A checklist for divorce planning – How to prepare yourself for a divorce

There’s no doubt when we say that going through divorce proceedings is certainly one of the most emotional and disturbing phases of your life. A divorce process is lengthy and complicated and therefore it is normal that you’ll feel overwhelmed. The key is to stay organized and grounded while boosting your chances of a positive outcome. If you’re planning to file for divorce, here is a checklist that you should follow to stay on track. 

Check whether the divorce can be resolved outside court

You should try to decide whether or not the divorce can be resolved outside court. There are a few divorce-related issues that need to be discussed, like debt and property division, alimony, child support, and child custody. In case both of you agree on all these aforementioned issues, you can certainly handle the divorce without a lawyer. Though DIY divorce is scary, you may try. If the issues aren’t resolved but you’re nearing an agreement, you can seek the help of a private mediator. 

Determine if you need the help of a legal expert

No state will make it mandatory for you to hire a divorce lawyer. However, if you’re sure about filing for divorce, consulting a Delaware divorce attorney may help. Make sure both the spouses choose separate lawyers. Yes, hiring attorneys will certainly heighten your costs but you’ll be the gainer in the end. The divorce attorney will fight to safeguard your rights as a spouse. So, find your lawyer and ensure your spouse isn’t working with the same lawyer. 

Chalk out a new parenting plan

If you have a minor child, you have to chalk out a new parenting plan to start with.

  • Craft a plan: Get to know about the custody process of the state and start creating a custody plan. The plan should include visitation of each parent with the children, school break schedules, and other special events. 
  • Design a calendar: Design a calendar so that you can easily track the time spent by each parent with the child. Also mention problems with transportation, communication, expenses, or canceled visits. 
  • Educate yourself on child support: This is the right time to consider whether or not you will have to pay for child support post-divorce. In case you require child support and the divorce is still pending, you can request the court for a support order. 

Gather all documents of your marriage

Start off with a document file by collecting paperwork that is related to estate planning and your marriage. Here are the documents to collect:

  • Marriage license: Take out your marriage license as this will be needed.
  • Agreements: Locate copies of your prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. For example, take out the copies of the living wills, wills, powers of attorney, trust deeds, and other healthcare documents.
  • Life insurance policies: Collect all the life insurance policies of each spouse. 

Once you’re done with all these steps, you may consider yourself to be ready for a divorce. Plan your finances well so that you can start a new life independently without your spouse.