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A guide for homeowners to remove bats – What are the bat removal strategies?

Even if you are the most passionate fan of Batman, you wouldn’t like the idea of flying bats on your property. While it is true that bats can help the environment and even consume other pests, they should not be welcomed indoors. In case of long-term infestation of bats, this can seriously damage your health and home. 

In case bats are lurking all over your home, it is highly important to act quickly. As exterminating bats by using pesticides is considered illegal in the United States, it is often tricky to handle a bat infestation. Here are a few bat removal in Arlington, VA tips that you should follow. 

Why is it important to remove bats?

As per the US Fish and Wildlife Service, bats are capable of consuming 1200 mosquito-sized insects every hour. There are a few species of bats that pollinate plants, disperse seeds, and feed on beetles and other insects that destroy crops. While these are creatures that are good for the environment, they are definitely not good for your home and health. Here are a few issues that bats may develop:

  • Unexplainable allergies: When you live in a home with bats, they can cause allergic reactions that include congestion and asthma
  • Risk of rabies: When you come in contact with a bat, this is highly dangerous as homeowners can be exposed to rabies, which is a life-threatening and painful disease. Rabies can lead to scratches, bites, and holding bats. 
  • Risk of histoplasmosis: This infection hails from inhaling a fungus that is usually found in bat droppings. Symptoms of this disease include cough, fever, and fatigue. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends experts clean up bat feces. 
  • Structural damage to your home: Guano is the name given to bat droppings and this can lead to heavy structural damage to your house. It consumes wood and other building materials around your home. 
  • Bad odor: With time, the smell of guano can gradually become unpleasant, making the home tough to inhabit. 

It’s pretty clear that bats must never be allowed to stay within your property. Even if it means a few small brown bats, they can grow into a population of several hundred, leaving back an accumulation of guano. 

Therefore, it is better to seek the help of bat removal companies as they use the latest elimination techniques through which you can guarantee permanent removal.