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A Modern Newsflash in Digital Journalism

With all that’s been happening in the world today, a newsflash has been a common occurrence among news media outlets in many nations across the globe. Since the beginning of 2020, we have been subjected to a change in lifestyle and the only way for us to truly adjust is to keep up with information from the latest news reports. Without the help of newsflashes, we would have been left oblivious of what’s happening around the world and the progress that we’re making throughout the pandemic. 

One of the most important parts of delivering a trustworthy piece of information is the timing. News that is delivered late can be considered deceiving and misinformative which is why in journalism, timing can mean everything. Though old news will always be relevant and holds an important role in the history of society, it may misinform people who are looking for developments in a particular news report. 

A newsflash is a quick and easy way of delivering timely information to all the viewers of a particular program. It typically interrupts an ongoing program to deliver relevant, major events and its latest developments. Since a particular news story can develop in a short amount of time, newsflashes are often displayed to inform the public in an opportune manner. 

Adapting Through Digital Journalism

Journalism has evolved throughout the years, especially with the advent of the internet. People have considerably become more reliant on scrolling through their phones to learn about the latest news. A newsflash has always been associated with broadcast television; however, online news outlets have also adapted their own way of delivering modern newsflashes. 


Since most of us are constantly checking our phones, news companies today are quick and efficient when it comes to giving us the latest developments. Though we’re not always in front of the television nowadays, online newsflashes keep us updated through the notifications we receive on our phones. However, it’s always important to remind ourselves that we have to be responsible for filtering the news reports that we absorb. 

Discerning an Online Newsflash

Understandably, the internet is inundated with information and it has somehow become hard for some people to completely judge whether a story is real or satirical. The headline of an online newsflash might be made to entice audiences even if the article is not entirely based on factual information. This can cause detrimental effects to society especially if such news reports spread throughout the community. 

As responsible citizens, we must fully assess and evaluate a news report whether it’s real or fake before sharing it on social media. Though an online newsflash is made to catch our attention, we have to always discern the information we believe in. As aforementioned, a newsflash is made to keep us updated regarding the latest developments of a news report. Thus it should be considered informative rather than deceiving. 

Though the internet may contain a mixed bag of factual and satirical information, we should always be mindful whether we are being deceived for the gain of others. So the next time you see a notification for another online newsflash, always remember to be cautious and wise about how you absorb the information before sharing it with the people around you.