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A simple guide to choosing the best mitre saw

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This is a backsaw, also known as a mitre saw. It is often used to build timely and efficient crosscuts and mitres inside a work material whilst also aligning a mountable cutting tool on to a board.

It’s intended for angled cuts on trim, skirting boards, moulding, rafters, and other carpentry projects. These cuts can be used to join two pieces of wood together or to finish one piece of wood at an angle.

Back saws are categorized into the hand, powered models, and sliding saws. They allow you to make cuts at various angles with the help of a spinning blade, making them efficient for commercial and casual use.

A sliding saw has a sliding mechanism that allows for greater cutting width. With a wide variety of back saw products classified into various groups, it is critical to determine which type of saw will best suit your needs before purchasing one.

This guide will assist you in selecting the best saw for your carpentry needs based on the type of material to be cut, the surface area of wood to be cut, and the frequency with which you will use the saw.

Hand saws

Hand saws are ideal for small workpieces and tasks. They are available in two forms: the mitre box usually offers three types of cut, while the precision saw offers a wider selection of cuts.

If you intend on cutting edge, entrance, as well as quadrant trims on a regular basis, a hand saw is an excellent tool.

Depending on the amount of wood to be cut, choose the surface area of the mitre saw. Manual saws can be used to finish work around the house, make wooden frames, and make crosscuts and mitre cuts.

Electric saw

If you do regular carpentry work, the electric model is preferable. It’s ideal for tasks like laying solid wood floors, constructing a treehouse or even a garden shed, or installing gates and shutters that require frequent crosscuts and mitre cuts.

Choose an electric saw with a cutting height capable of handling the largest timber.If you do not plan on using the saw frequently, a low-end back saw is ideal for you. You need to select an affordable saw that will give you accurate cuts while saving time.

If you use the saw regularly, choose a recognized brand with a good reputation. Select a saw with a high-power rating for deeper and higher cuts.

A sliding saw

If you intend to cut large timber, wide boards, or parquet flooring and perhaps flooring boards, use a sliding saw.

These saws have a higher power rating, increasing their cutting altitude and depth, making tasks simpler.

If you are using your toll regularly, choose one withjusta dust ejector, adjustable speed dial, as well as a laser instruct.


The ideal saw depends on your work pieces and how frequently you will be using the saw. Whether you are a professional carpenter or enjoy the woodwork in your spare time, there’s a wide variety of saws in the marketplace to cater to your needs.

Consider your budget after considering your needs to determine your ideal saw.