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A Step-by-Step Approach to Writing an Essay

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Writing essays may not be one of your favourite pastimes, but rather a dreadful obligation that may wreck your whole weekend plans if you let it. The usual get-together will not be taking place. There is no dancing at a club. In a library, your fingers slowly wring out long scribbles on a keyboard.

The good news is that you can keep up your weekend plans and social activities. All your written tasks may be completed in one night using these 19 science-based approaches! It’s a great idea to utilise an essay database to locate examples of helpful and informative essays at the same time. You can check out grade miners for more info.

Clean up your work area.

Astounding, if you ask me! It’s not true what your mom told you. Most individuals want a sense of order in their lives. Finding missing data and objects is a tedious task that many people prefer to avoid. University of Groningen researchers, however, have come up with some surprising findings. Dutch researchers found that people operating in a chaotic environment seek to restore order by defining clear and well-defined goals and accomplish them faster than those who operate in a less chaotic environment. You can read grademiners review here.

Use two or more monitors.

More than one screen may boost productivity by as much as 50 percent, according to Microsoft’s estimates. Make use of many devices if you can. For example, you may complete your research on a tablet and write your essay on a laptop at the same time.

Use a standing desk to increase your productivity (at least from time to time).

Using a standing desk enhanced productivity by 10%, raised energy levels, and improved attention, according to Business Insider’s 2013 study.

Use a timer or the Pomodoro technique.

Do both work and relaxation at the same time so that you may maximise your time. Originally developed in the late 1980s, this method involves working for 25 minutes at a time, then taking a five-minute break (5-10 minutes). Pomodoros, the Italian word for ‘tomatoes,’ are the name of these intervals. A tomato-shaped kitchen timer was used by Francesco Cirillo as a means of self-control.

Be sure to stay well hydrated.

Participants in a study from the University of East London School of Psychology drank three glasses of water before doing a button-clicking test. People in this group showed a faster response time than those in a control group who did not consume any alcohol at all. It’s impossible to scrimp on fresh water when it comes to writing an outstanding essay.


Loma Linda University researchers in California’s San Joaquin Valley have shown that laughter improves brain function by reducing stress chemicals. In this regard, a few YouTube videos (up to 15 minutes in length) may be useful.

It’s preferable to go on a vacation with a companion rather than by yourself.

Talking to a colleague while on a break can boost productivity by 15%. Aren’t you going to use this as an occasion to get in touch with some of your acquaintances?