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Accessories for a wedding suit

Most couples in Sydney spend an average of $30,000 for their wedding. Sydney has many dream wedding venues, and couples choose a location that suits their preferences. In most weddings, the bride’s and the groom’s outfits complement each other. Grooms need to look good and feel comfortable in their wedding suits. A customised wedding suit is a good investment because it fits well and makes men look attractive. It is unique and much better than the off-the-rack suits. Customised wedding suits in Sydney enable men to achieve the look they want for their special day.

Weddings are fun but choosing the right wedding suit and accessories can become challenging. Whether men opt to wear a wedding suit or tuxedo, there are many ways to personalise the look through accessories. The accessories can completely change the look of the wedding clothes.

Standard accessories for a wedding suit


A tie is an essential wedding suit accessory but finding one that goes well with the suit is not easy. Neckties come in various fabrics like velvet, knit, silk, cotton and jacquard. Choosing the right colours and patterns helps make a statement and enhance the suit’s appearance.


Cufflinks are available in different styles and materials, but selecting one that matches the suit is essential. They allow grooms to display their taste and personality. Most men choose neutral shades like gold, silver, white, or black in rectangular, circular or square shapes. It must coordinate with the colour of the tie.

Pocket square

Pocket squares provide an excellent way to add colour to the wedding suit. The pocket square must be made of a different material from the jacket. Most men choose silk because it looks very elegant. Hand-rolled edges make the pocket square look unique. If the lapel pin is flashy, it is good to choose a simple-looking pocket square.

Lapel pin

Lapel pins add a decorative touch to the suit. The golden rule for a lapel pin is to wear it on the upper part of the left lapel. The lapel pin must not be straight up or across the lapel but must run parallel to it. Most grooms wear a boutonniere or buttonhole flower, and the flower needs to be placed close to the buttonhole.


Belts are essential to a wedding suit, and men must wear only leather belts. The colour of the belts depends on the suit and shoe colour. Most men match the shoes and belt, but some prefer to wear black belts. The best option is to wear a black or brown belt with a silver or brass crown.


Grooms wear shoes that are black or shades of brown. Black shoes match dark-coloured suits like black, grey, navy blue and burgundy, and brown shoes go well with light-coloured suits. The shoe colour must match the belt colour. Black shoes and brown belts never match and should never be worn together.


The perfect watch for a wedding is one with a leather strap or gold band, and men can wear only a dress watch with their wedding suits. Grooms must avoid wearing plastic watches or those with rugged exteriors. Moreover, the tone of the watch must match the bride’s jewellery. A silver-tone watch suits silver or white jewellery, and a gold-tone for gold jewellery.

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While buying wedding suits in Sydney, men must choose suitable accessories that make them look elegant. The suit and accessories of the groom must match the bride’s attire. A wedding is a special event, and the right clothes and accessories make the day memorable.