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Advantages and Disadvantages of Clay Roof tiles

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Roofing tiles have been considered one of the most preferred roofing materials. They are made of clay, slate, and concrete. This mixture makes them very durable, lifelong, and even fireproof. These tiles, however, have various advantages and disadvantages.

 In this article, I will outline some of these pros and cons.

There are several benefits to using clay roof tiles for your home while you’re building. These roofing tiles can prove to be a worthwhile purchase.  Below are some of the advantages:

They are long-lasting

Clay roof tiles are solid and long-lasting. They are estimated to last over 100 years without damage after correct installation. They rarely require renovation because they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

They are easy to maintain

Due to their durability, the clay roof tiles are easy to maintain. You will rarely experience leakage, and repairs are hardly needed. They are also lightweight, and therefore handling them is more manageable. The only maintenance mechanism you may need to carry out is cleaning them at least twice a year.

They are customizable

Clay roof tiles are available in different sizes, installation styles, and colors. Some of them are customizable to match modern roofing styles. These roofing styles include the curving roof, façade, or sloped roof.


These tiles allow free air circulation, thus regulating the rooftop temperatures. It ensures that temperatures in the house are well controlled.

They are weather resistant.

Various roofing materials experience expansion and contraction depending on the weather conditions. It is, however, not the case when it comes to clay. It can maintain its state and withstand very hot or icy weather conditions.

They are environmentally friendly.

You are that they are made from earth materials. They are considered eco-friendly. Manufacturing the roofing tiles is not harmful to the environment because no chemicals are emitted. Another advantage is that they are recyclable, so you can always use them to manufacture other products in case of uninstallation.

They are versatile

It means you can use them on both residential and commercial roofs.


They are fragile

During the installation of clay tiles, a lot of cautiousness is required; if not, you may incur many losses. You need to hire professional installers, or even sometimes, the company you purchase these tiles offers free installation.

They are technical to install

Installation of these tiles is not a process that just anyone can carry out. You will require professional help because occasionally, shaping the tiles to fit a particular style or curve is needed.

They are pricey

These roof tiles are a bit more expensive than the other roofing options. The various advantages of these tiles outlined above are some of the reasons why they are slightly costly.

They are not entirely wind resistant.

Clay tiles can withstand high windy conditions compared to other roofing materials. It, however, does not mean that they are 100% wind resistant. They can collapse if the conditions become extremely heavy.


Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of clay roof tiles. You can decide if they satisfy your desires and take the next step.