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All you need to know about a compressor before you make your purchase

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When you hear about a compressor, what crosses your mind? Do you know the purpose of a compressor? How about its features? If you have questions about a compressor, this is the right article. In this article, you will learn more about a compressor and some of its main features.

People use a compressor primarily unsure that one forces air into containers building up pressure. The most common compressors are vane, reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors. Compressors come in different shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturing company and the purpose they serve. If you are interested in buying a compressor, but you have no idea of what it is, continue reading this article. This article will enlighten you on some features you should consider before purchasing an air compressor.

Air pressure

One can rate the air pressure of an air compressor pounds per square inch. For an air compressor to run appropriately, the air pressure should be 90 pounds per square inch. Depending on the area of use, one should maintainthe pressure of the air compressor according to purpose. For example, in an industrial setting, compressors are two-stage, where the first stage is built at 90 PSI while the second stage builds at 175PSI.

The horsepower

A good air compressor should have the strong horsepower. Although some companies exaggerate the horsepower rating, that doesn’t mean all companies exaggerate these ratings. Since the compressor price in Kenya is a significantly high, you should consult experts on how to differentiate an exaggerated horsepower from the original. One of the ways to determine an exaggerated horsepower is by assessing the amount of power used to run it.Therefore,the high the energy, the higher the rating of horsepower.

Tank size

Don’t be deceived that the size of the tank of air compressor matters, all you need to know is that an air compressor tank only stores the air and doesn’t produce air. Therefore, choose your air compressor wisely depending on the purpose and power and not the size of an air compressor tank. It is also good to know that both a small tank and a big tank air have the same running time.

Two-stage and a single-stage air compressor

The difference between a single-stage and a two-stage air compressor is that a single-stage air compressor has one or more cylinders, and both cylinders air to the tank directly. In contrast, in a two-stage air compressor, there are two cylinders or more where the air is pumped from one cylinder to the other before reaching the tank. Two-stage compressors are mainly used for industrial purposes because it has high pressure.

Duty cycle

Knowing the duty cycle before purchasing an air compressor is crucial. The reason why you should know the duty cycle of an air compressor is because it defines the running time of a compressor in ten minutes. Exceeding the duty cycle makes the pump hot hence reducing its service time.

To conclude, it is clear that different companies have different models of compressors. Therefore, one should be keen on the key features discussed in this article to at least know more about the features discussed in this article before making a purchase.