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All You Need To Know About Wedding Veils

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If you decide to add a wedding veil to your look, it will quickly become one of the essential wedding accessories.

Wedding veils have been part of our tradition seemingly forever but do you know how it all began? Do you know the significance of the wedding veil? Do you want to know the tips for finding the perfect veil for your wedding?

Let’s get started without further ado.

More about wedding veils

A veil is a rectangular fabric, mesh or organza, or the same fabric as a wedding dress. The length of a wedding veil can range from a ballet veil (which falls over the back between the knee and ankle) to a cathedral veil that extends five or six feet behind the bride.

Until the 19th century, wearing a veil was limited to formal occasions such as religious events like Holy Week or weddings. However, the meaning of the veil was transformed as marriages became religious ceremonies. It was to symbolize that the maiden is pure and untouched. Many also believe that veils were worn to put the evil spirits and energies away from the Bride.

Moreover, most women wear a white dress at some point in their lives, but adding the veil is reserved for the special day- the wedding day.

Whatever the reason be, no one can deny that a veil gives a wedding dress the next level of beauty. Even if you are not interested in fighting evil spirits, you can add a veil to your wedding look.

Tips for buying a veil

Since veils do not need to be tweaked or modified to match your body or your wedding style, they are perfect for a favour. Let’s look at some tips that will help you in finding the one for you.

Look online as well

Many retailers offer discounts on their wedding veils if you buy a wedding dress from them. However, we recommend searching online first to see which style works best for you. You can also find a greater variety of wedding veils available online than at a bridal salon.

Match the colour

Try to match the colour of the veil to your wedding dress as much as possible. Your goal should be to choose a veil that matches the colour of your clothing as closely as possible.

Consider the size

To find the perfect veil for your wedding style, think about the length first. Moreover, it would help if you consider the style of your dress to choose the length of the veil to match your dress.

Be sure about the hairstyle

Before choosing a veil, it is wise to understand the hairstyle on the wedding day-the style you choose will affect your final decision on the veil. In fact, it is a good idea to plan how to wear your hair before choosing a veil.

Consider the dress

If your dress is simple, try experimenting with veil embellishments to spruce it up. If your wedding dress is heavily embellished, keep the veil clean and simple.

Summing up

Whether you are planning to buy a wedding veil online or from a bridal salon, you will want to find a style that perfectly complements your wedding dress and character.

Furthermore, the decision to buy one veil over the other depends on how much you want to liven up or soften the look of your wedding dress.