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Are local moving companies changing for customers’ sake?

Local movers are considered faster and more affordable than other long-distance movers. Now with the innovation of technology and after the coronavirus pandemic, local moving companies associated with iMoving are changing their way to relocate considering the needs and the demands of the customers in mind. Corona pandemic has changed almost everything so the moving companies are evolving themselves. They are also using the latest technologies that help them to deliver more satisfactory and efficient services to their clients making them happier. If you are looking at the facts that how local movers are changing themselves for the sake of their clients then check out this:

In-person estimates have been changed in virtual surveys 

As technology is evolving and also because of the pandemic, now, in-person estimates have been changed into virtual surveys in which the expert professional makes a video call to you to see the belongings present at your home. During this time, you have to keep all the cabinets and wardrobes open to show them the belongings. To reduce the contact, this method is used by local professionals. Also, you know that no company is paying for the in-house estimate by themselves, directly or indirectly they will get the transportation charges from you only. So, it is a kind of win-win situation for you all.

GPS for easy tracking 

As local movers were receiving a lot of requests from their clients that where their household goods have been reached and it was very hectic to reply all of them and the response could be a little late from movers side so now to solve the problem they come with the solution of GPS tracking through which customers can easily track their stuff or shipment by themselves from any corner of the world. The technology has added great value in the moving industry and now people have peace of mind as they can get to know at any time where their stuff is and things have become more transparent to them.

Implementation of safety precautions 

Safety measures for corona have become a must for the sake of their customers. That is why local movers are implementing all the safety precautions. The use of the mask, gloves, and PPE kits has become mandatory throughout the entire relocation proves. The packed boxes are sanitized and sanitization is done over and over again. If possible then no physical touch moves are carried by movers.

Digital payments 

As more and more people are finding it convenient to pay through online mode companies are also allowing their clients to get paid through the digital world. Now, digital transactions have replaced almost all cash transactions. So now even when people don’t have a single penny in their pockets to relocate by hiring movers because they can make payments digitally.

AI-based chatbot system 

To provide more customer support to their clients, companies are now enabling chatbot systems on their website so that clients can have uninterrupted used interaction through online mode at any time and also they can get immediate response from the professionals. This is just the best way to reach more and more customers and to resolve their problems if they have any. The system has gained the trust of the people making local moving businesses more popular than ever as now they can talk about anything whatever they like to.

Get instant cost estimates 

Local professionals are also providing cost estimation tools on their website through which customers can get to know the approximate moving cost with ease. They just have to enter a few details regarding the relocation like the weight or volume of the stuff, the source and destination point, and some others which vary from one website to another. This makes it easier and faster for the clients to get the cost estimates so that they can easily select the one as per their needs and requirements.

Mobile applications 

As people, these days prefer to use their mobile phones over desktops, therefore, most moving companies are making their online presence in a mobile-friendly manner. If movers have a well-built mobile app then they can have complete access to overbooking, getting estimated costs, and live tracking whenever they won’t just need any services. Everything has become handy and they can do it from anywhere.

To sum it all up!!!

To make things easier and satisfactory for customers, movers are putting their hard efforts into it. They are continuously working according to the clients to make them happier and to give them a great moving experience. For the sake of their customers, they are adapting numerous numbers of technology and with the demands of people after covid-19, they are continuously putting efforts in finding the best way to have contactless relocation while complying with all the rules and regulations set by the government considering the pandemic situation.