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Are You Dead on Your Feet? If Yes! Stop Your Car and Rest!

Are you a wanderlust who delights in driving towards the horizon for extended trips? If yes, you’ll know when you look back on those journeys they are filled with moments of joy and sometimes discomfort. Your most testing task and most immense discomfort would be to drive on with tired bones and droopy eyes. Imagine what would happen if you give in to a moment of doze while driving? Scary to think of it right!

Physical and mental fatigue contribute highly to the risk factors involved in your driving experience. Navigating your vehicle with a fuzzy mind makes you more prone to road accidents. Seek the aid of comprehensive car insurance in such times is important during these distressing times, to help you pay for the damages involved. Especially if you’ve found your car at crosscountrycarshipping.com, you need to find prper insurance services. Look for insurers online and sign up for cheap car insurance to cover your ride and relieve your pocket of any expenses to manage situations like these.

An exhausted person needs to doze; there is no way of avoiding it. Grabbing a cup of coffee, listening to music, keeping the windows open, engaging in conversations with people doesn’t substitute for a power nap. To avert road crashes, pull over your car to a safe spot, take a break, have adequate rest, and sleep. Accommodate sleep intervals throughout the journey.

The contents of this article help you deal with fatigue irrespective of where you are driving–countryside, suburbs, or city.

  1. Have a great sleep (about 7-8 hrs.) before heading out on a journey. It keeps you refreshed and energized.
  2. Don’t start your journey after a tiresome day. Finish all your work. Unwind and have good food before stepping out. Get over your restlessness before starting a trip.
  3. When you are out to travel, see that you don’t exceed the eight-to-ten-hour driving limit (with breaks). Stressing yourself out to save time doesn’t repay you in terms of safety.
  4. Check if any of your passengers can are experienced, licenced drivers. Taking turns would allow you to repose while the other person is handling the wheel.
  5. Stop your vehicle every two hours to stretch out and loosen up. Use this ten-minute break to do nothing but de-stress – while walking around is preferrable.
  6. Watch your appetite. Choose items to munch on that aren’t harsh on your tummy but keep you full. Also, eat well-balanced meals and stay away from junk food.
  7. Ensure you don’t pop in medicines that make you drowsy. Some meds act as tranquilizers or mild sedatives.
  8. Don’t yield to alcohol and other intoxicants. They would distort your already blurry mind. Don’t drive if you are drunk; stay back wherever you are and leave the spot only when you are back to your senses.

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The limited light sources make night driving an arduous task. Plan your itinerary to include long journeys during the daytime and rest in the breaks at night. It would be best if you organize your trip this way to avoid car crashes. Of course, comprehensive car insurance would help take care of your financial needs, if you do; nevertheless, staying cautious may save many lives.


Get cheap car insurance online if you are a steadfast vacationer. Manage your travel effectively to prevent fatigue-related collisions, have a safe ride, and return home happy and healthy.

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