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Benefits and challenges of working from home

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Although remote working options was into practice for a long time, it is the onset of corona virus that made it popular.

Yes, this was the period when almost every organizations came forward to adapt to remote working style to ensure their business as usual is not affected.

Even with the work from home or the remote working option, the benefits and challenges go hand in hand for both employers and the employees.

AS we proceed further, we will discuss the challenges faced and the benefits you get by working remotely or from home.

Benefits of working from home

Let us first take a look at some of the advantages associated with work from home option.

Saving the time spent on commuting

Travelling to work for hours makes employees drained and frustrated. It is even worse when they are struck in heavy traffic.

This makes a person feel low by the time they reach office. But, with work from home option one can save this time spent on commuting to office and spend this time in a quality manner – doing meditation, exercise, etc.

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Escaping extra expenses

One of the major advantages of working from home is escaping the extra expenses such as the transportation charges, rent – if you are living in a rented house in your work locality, etc.

You could move back to your hometown, stay with your family and work from your own house. This will cut the additional costs such as groceries, vegetables, etc., you spent while living away from family in another city for work.

Can you relate to this?

More independence or freedom

In a typical office environment, you may have to find yourself swapping between multiple tasks and get done nothing at the end of the day.

But when you are working from home, with good time management and discipline, you can prioritize your tasks and work on each task one by one.

Besides this, by working at home, you could skip the hassle of deciding what to wear to office any day. Work from home give you the freedom to work with your pajamas (Unless you have a meeting!)

Besides this, you get a flexible working condition, increased productivity, etc.

Challenges associated with work from home

Now, let us discuss the challenges that come along with work from home culture.

Distractions in household

Although work from home keeps you away from any kind of distractions caused by your colleagues or peers, you can’t deny the chaos and distractions that come with home.

And the ideal way to cope with these disturbances is to request your family to hold off any discussions for non-working hours and let them how helpful it would be to get their support to make your work at home professional and comfortable.

Work-life balance disruption

Work-life balance is essential for a person to be in their best state. However, for many, work from home dissolves the thin line between the personal life and professional life.

But this could be avoided by being highly disciplined and maintaining a clear demarcation between personal & working hours.

Final thoughts

Work from home or the remote working culture is in growing popularity and people are welcoming this new way working happily.

Hence it is wise to make this work for you by being disciplined and maintaining a pace between your personal and professional life.

And when you feel like meeting with people you work, you could organize a gathering.

I hope you find this article helpful