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Benefits Of Swimming For Children And Babies

If you know someone who does physical exercise in swimming pools, you must have heard the benefits of swimming. Anyone who is a swimmer has this on the tip of his tongue. After all, sport brings benefits in the physical and mental aspects because this is a sport suitable for practically all ages and that becomes more pleasurable with each workout!

But if you want to start physical activity and still have some doubts in your head, like “oh, is swimming what I need?” this text was made for you. Despite being numerous, we have separated seven benefits of swimming to show how much it only brings good things for children and seniors and how much it needs to be known by more people. Come on!

Swimming For Babies

Many people have seen those videos of the first swimming lessons for babies, where they put on a real show underwater. Just search YouTube, and you’ll find lots of amazing and cute images at the same time. But all this natural gift from those born a few months ago has a reason: in the 9 months that babies are in their mother’s womb, they already know the liquid environment, so they can hold their breath and move!

But swimming for kids goes beyond a natural reaction for little ones. According to articles published by specialists, it ensures a child’s brain, motor, and even cognitive development. In addition, it guarantees a better respiratory and muscular resistance for the child, not to mention that it also helps the child crawl and even sit more easily. But parents, prepare the bottles! Among the benefits of swimming is also increased appetite! To compensate, the child also sleeps better. Oh, and let’s not forget: as parents are always participating when swimming with babies, the bond between them ends up getting stronger. Oh, and for that reason, don’t forget: parents also have to go equipped with their kit.

Children’s Swimming

Science has already proven it: children’s swimming guarantees a more advanced development for the little ones. It’s as if the child is a few strokes ahead, spending less time on the timer to achieve some achievements.

Children under the age of 5 who participate in swimming scored better on tests taken with school subjects such as math and writing. That is, their learning was greater. The good points of children’s swimming don’t stop there. Thinking about the physical part, the sport manages, in a fun way, to make boys and girls get to know their bodies better and thus improve their motor skills. There is also body and cardiorespiratory development during swimming for children, mainly during growth stages.