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Best Google SEO Tips to Avoid Getting Penalized

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The last thing you want to happen is for Google to penalize your website and push you down on the ranking. If it happens, it will be more challenging for people to see your site and buy what you offer. Therefore, even if you want to boost your ranking through SEO techniques, you must be careful. You don’t want Google to punish your terrible practices. When you push enterprise SEO techniques in the wrong direction, your website will suffer from it. Here are some of the best tips to consider to avoid getting penalized. 

Don’t overstuff your page with keywords

You probably know this rule by now. Many companies used this technique before to trick Google that the website is the most relevant of all the options. However, with the algorithm changes, this is no longer a viable strategy. Search engines view it as an abuse of the system, and you will suffer because of it. 

Gain relevant links

As one of the most sought after digital marketing services, link building remains an excellent strategy to boost your website. It becomes a problem if you choose the wrong links. Quality matters in link building. You want the algorithms to connect you with the best websites. It also helps increase your reputation. 

Show that the people can trust your business

When writing content for your website, it must be of top quality. Ensure that you research everything well. Avoid plagiarizing from other sources. If you want to cite statistics, include the citation in the article. Give credit where it is due. The goal is to be an authority in the industry. You want people to believe that you know what you’re saying, and they can trust you to give them what they want. Even if visitors don’t decide to buy on their first visit to the website, they might come back. Eventually, they will see that trusting your business is the right thing to do. 

Avoid publishing duplicate content

Publishing duplicate content is also a big no. You don’t want Google to view your page as a copycat of another. The algorithms can also detect which one is a plagiarized version. It will hurt not only your page but also your business. People will think that you have nothing unique to offer. 

Don’t buy links

Back then, buying quality links was a terrific strategy. Other people worked hard to make the link popular and sell it at a good price for other companies to use. If you do so, you’re abusing the process. Algorithms will also detect it, and it ends up with penalties. People will also start questioning the trust placed on your business. You can’t trick Google or other search engines. If you want to have high-quality links, work on them. 

Using pop-up ads

Do you feel annoyed with pop-ups? You’re not the only one. Others hate pop-ups too. They make the website difficult to navigate. You can make money from them, but the harms outweigh the benefits. When search engines realize that you make it difficult for people to view your page, it leads to penalties. Therefore, even if it’s tempting to let others advertise on your site, you can’t do it. Pop-up ads are an old marketing strategy, and they’re no longer relevant. You will need to know about ads management.

Learn from your enterprise SEO mistakes

You can’t get everything right when you practice SEO, and it’s understandable. Even an SEO agency and business owners like you that have been around for a while also make mistakes. The good thing is that you can learn from what happened and be better. Work with experts too. They know what to do to boost your page and avoid penalties.