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In terms of the sexual health of men, erectile dysfunction remains the most prevalent condition as estimated stats continue increasing. Many factors cause erectile dysfunction, and the severity varies depending on each individual. Nevertheless, ED often negatively impacts day-to-day living, causes issues in relationships, and heavily influences men’s mental health. Erectile dysfunction is a curable condition with the right course of medication. Unfortunately, estimated figures show that most men decide not to get treatment.

Reasons can be the high price of over-the-counter medications that come in weak doses or because access to stronger medications requires an appointment with the doctor to get a prescription. Whether men experience a short bout of ED and need a fast solution or symptoms are long-term and require a regular course of medication, the importance of men having an access to better and more affordable treatments and solutions are key to decreasing the rapidly increasing estimated figures.

Is erectile dysfunction becoming more apparent in your life? Has waiting for a better solution made your situation worse? Perhaps you are looking for a budget-friendly course of medication? Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about Sildenafil and how to order today.

What is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil is the licenced and certified generic brand name of Viagra. This medication has been a long-standing medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and continues as the most popular and widely recognized ED medication. This medication was previously only available under the market brand name and always came at a premium in cost, time and effort.

Fast forward to 2012, when the patent protecting the brand name expired, many genuine pharmaceutical manufacturers quickly began producing the same medication but at a heavily reduced cost. Generic medications like sildenafil 20 mg are nothing short of a miracle for men suffering erectile dysfunction. When taken responsibly, this medication is the same as the famous “blue pill” and functions in the body the same way as a Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor with high safety ratings.

Sildenafil has held an impeccable track record on safety, effectiveness and quality under the patented brand name Viagra. Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient, allows the success and reputation of the patented products. Times have changed, and there is a new solution on the block. The FDA approves Generic Viagra as a potent and reliable medication safely indicated to treat erectile dysfunction.

Is Sildenafil Safe?

Yes, taking Sildenafil exactly as directed by a doctor or health care professional ensures complete safety during use. The Office of Generic Drugs under the FDA approved the generic use of this medication following strict testing procedures to monitor and accept and the quality and reliability of this medication. Reviews of bioequivalence tests conducted through the generic drugs program show that generic Sildenafil maintains the same safety, quality, stability, and dosage standard as patented versions. This medication provides outstanding results against erectile dysfunction and maintains an excellent reputation as an ED treatment.

Sildenafil is considered safe to use for a majority of men. With safety being a number one priority, a specific group of people this medication is deemed unsuitable. Any person allergic to Sildenafil should avoid use to prevent an allergic reaction. Advice to patients taking nitrate-based medications to treat chest pain or any pre-existing medical conditions is to consult with a doctor or relevant health care provider before considering use.

Why Men Buy Sildenafil Online

Buying Sildenafil online removes all the inconveniences and stress of going to the local chemist to pay a fortune for otc medication. This medication is available from our website in various forms, types and dosages that cater to all of our clients no matter the severity of symptoms or dosage and consumption preferences. Gone are the day when getting ED treatments is embarrassing, expensive and effortful. All generic brand medications available on our website are affordable, more accessible and prescription free.

Men buying Sildenafil medications online have total access 24/7 to the best and most cost-effective medicines on the market. From the comfort and privacy of home, men looking for a safe and effective solution can jump on our website and find the medication they need. Our low monthly overheads, combined with the affordable prices of our medicines, allow us to forward incredible savings when buying unlimited quantities.

All orders are kept strictly private for added confidentiality and convenience. All information you provide is stored securely on an encrypted system to ensure 3rd party access to your data is declined. The flexible, safe and secure payment options are an extra security measure to instil confidence in our users when buying medication online. Fast home delivery is part of the deal and can monitor every step right to your door.

Where to Buy Sildenafil in North America

Many already agree the best place to buy Sildenafil in North America is online. With our complete confidence, we are sure you are now fully informed about this medication and ready to place an order from our secure homepage. You can find, click and choose your preferred treatment from our range of Sildenafil medications, followed by the amount you need.

Here customers can continue shopping or proceed to checkout to provide all relevant contact details, including phone number, email and postal address. To finalize your order, select one of our secure payment options, including major credit cards and Bitcoin. Once orders are complete, customers receive a notification by email confirming payment, the discreet descriptor name indicated on your bank statement and the estimated time and date of delivery.

Orders are promptly processed, packed and plainly labelled at our secure distribution hub and come with a unique tracking number before being dispatched. Our fast courier partners offer doorstep delivery and customers can prepare to sign for and take delivery subtly with up to the minute tracking updates. Customer support is available to provide 24/7 care and ready answer any questions customers may have.

Your time for a better sex life is now. Start living for a better tomorrow and order Sildenafil here at Canadian online pharmacy today.

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