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California Electrical Continuing Education

The state of California has existing laws that require license renewal for all contractors. A state licensing board oversees the process. However, electrical licenses are renewed through the labor commissioner’s administrative center. For a contractor to get any type of license, they are required to sit and pass business and law exams.

General electricians and residential contractors are the two types of contractors that have continuing education prerequisites. At RocketCert, we offer our clients innovative California electrical continuing education and exam prep packages. Choose to work with us for your license renewal and you are assured of a smooth process. Besides, our training packages come with the No Pass, No Pay guarantee.

Continuing Education for Electrical

For all contractors holding general electricians or residential licenses, they must complete 32 hours of continuing education. They need to provide evidence of 2,000 hours of work before their licenses can be renewed, which takes place every 3 years. At RocketCert, we offer continuing education via our online platform.

The process allows a self-paced way of accessing the materials. Besides, enrolling for the classes takes less than 10 minutes and you begin the process of your license renewal. If you have a burning question, we have a reliable customer care department ready to respond to all the issues raised on time. Be part of the many professionals we have helped get their licenses renewed in California

Process of License Renewal for Electricians License

After the lapse of 3 years, all contractors holding an electrician’s license must renew it. The process is pretty straightforward, as they need to prove 2,000 hours of work and 32 hours of training. When they fulfill the two requirements, they can submit their request for license renewal to the relevant state authorities. They must submit such requests before the lapse of 3 years. At RocketCert, our continuing education packages are comprehensive and we offer both written and narrated materials. We are the undisputed market leaders in offering continuing education, with your customer service offering more distinction. Besides, if you find a better price, we slash our prices by a further 20%.

Process of License Renewal

Buy Continuing Education: Work with RocketCert for both your online and class training. You will gain lifetime access to our materials once you make a purchase.

Go Through The Training: Before your license is approved, you must prove you have completed 32 hours of training. Work with us and you have access to the training materials for 24 hours a day on nearly all smartphones.

Collect Your Certificate: After going through the training, print your certificate to prove completion of the case, and we notify the state instantly.

License Renewal: Prove you have 2,000 hours of work experience and you are eligible for license renewal.

Can I Take My Causes Online?

RocketCert prides itself on offering the best customer service and flexible packages. Besides, our pricing is the best you can get in the industry. You can take nearly the entire continuing education package via our online platform, making it convenient for contractors.

Why Choose To work With RocketCert?

We continually research better ways of serving our clients ensuring your materials are relevant. Besides, we are available 24/7 to respond to all issues raised by you. Call us today and begin your journey to getting your electrical license renewed.

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