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Centre Of Attraction For Your Living Room: The Centre Table

The centre table is an iconic part of the living room. Designs range from wood metal to glass. Vintage or contemporary, the tabletop can be accessorized with cups/coasters or flower vases. Many Wakefit center tables offer storage space underneath, which is a modern-day utility requirement.

Whatever the style one chooses, if it perfectly matches the rest of your home decor, it

captures people’s attention making it the focal point of your living room. Added to this, if it is multi-functional, it elevates your design sensibility.

A search for center table online provides us with all the required details regarding size, shape, material and prices. In addition, home decor websites offer attractive limited-time deals and discounts, making your shopping convenient and stress-free.

Due to the influx of information available, figuring out precisely what is required can sometimes be challenging. This feature will help you overview the range of categories and designs depending on type and size and give you the necessary tips before the final buy.

Glass Centre Table

Glass centre tables are often the primary choice due to their modern yet classy touch. The glass centre tables are very easy to maintain, and it also elevates the aesthetics of the living area. There are different designs available in the market; Some come with textured glass that gives a contemporary look. High-quality materials are used for extensive usage. These glass centre tables are scratch-resistant and sought after for modern-day styling.

Modern Center Table Designs

These modern center tables are sleek and stylish, which suit modern home furnishing. They are attractive and functional; they come with marble, solid wood, powdered wood or MDF & HDF tops. Their appealing design adds elegance to the overall living room décor and creates a vibrance to the room.

Rustic Centre Table Designs

These centre tables provide the right ambience for those in love with nature. They are designed using bamboo wood or solid wood and topped with glass or wood. These centre tables are a must-have if you have a rustic backdrop in your living room. They are shaped like a tree or a piece of logwood. They add a touch of class to the plain yet simple backgrounds. These tabletops can be pepped up with Feng-Shui style décor.

Choosing the right design may not be adequate for that creative look one often desire. For that, the centre tabletop needs to be decorated with style and grace depending on the overall look of the living area. Some styling ideas are:

Styling Ideas

Go green– If you have an eye for pots and plants, then go for it, as the soothing effect of natural plants can create a pleasant look. Use the center table for the living room to keep the plants. Add zest to your tabletop with a money plant or your favourite bonsai, and make your miniature garden.

For that Indie look: Brighten up your centre table with small brass bowls or pots to give your décor a timeless and antique lustre. You can also place some small bronze idols or a small vase on the centre table.

Your Zen Area: In modern-day living, where space utility is the foremost concern, your centre table can be your Zen corner too. You can place an idol of Buddha, scented candles or fragrance sticks to create your little area for mental health. You can also keep some handcrafted ceramic pots with elements of nature like flowers, herbs, succulents or air plants, and you are ready to escape the stress.

The Conventional Way: What can be more appealing than keeping your centre table top simple, i.e. the conventional way. Let the flower vase and the teacups speak your personality with a table-runner running through the centre of the table. Make sure to keep the centre table de-cluttered with the help of a table organiser incorporating style and functionality. Circular/square, wooden, or metal tables would conform well with this brand of styling. You can also keep a few magazines or books below to complement the general essence.

The centre table in your living room is the high point of your living room décor so let it be an extension of your persona. Modern or old school, how you style it articulates your taste. Being the centre of attraction, it is a medium to make a statement that expresses your preferences and style. If you have the relevant pointers in mind, you can make the best choice infusing comfort with style. Let your style be unique and inspirational; check out for different types before styling your living room to get the perfect look. Finding the ideal style can be a cakewalk with various home décor websites to guide you. The centre table should be a space where design meets amenity. Let it be your area of relaxation where convenience combines grace. Quality detail and warm lighting will elevate your living room décor and allure you with its serenity.