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Common Queries About Child Support

Child support is one of the most critical parts of a divorce. You want to make sure your child remains unaffected despite the separation. Child support payments are essential because your child’s upbringing and quality of life depend on them. 

Divorcing parents are often clueless about how child support works. If you are one of them, you can list down your queries and consult with a gig harbor child support attorney. An attorney can answer your questions in the best way. Meanwhile, here is a compilation of some common questions asked by divorcing parents. 

Common queries about child support 

  • What does child support cover?

Child support payments are supposed to cover the child’s basic living needs. This includes their clothing, shelter, food, education, healthcare, reasonable recreation, etc. Luxury items, such as a trip abroad, are not usually covered under child support. One parent is supposed to make these payments to the other parent. However, the latter must use it for the child’s welfare and not their own. Some exceptions may be there. 

  • Is a child support order permanent?

No. gig harbor child support orders can be modified under some conditions. For example, if you can no longer pay the decided amount because of a job loss, you can file a formal amendment to the previous order. The party must give valid reasons for the modification request in the court hearing and produce supporting evidence. The court only approves modification if they find “material change in circumstances.” 

  • Why is child support necessary?

Child support is important and compulsory for all children with divorced parents. The court takes matters involving children seriously. Child support payments are essential as your child has the right to seek financial support from their parents until they reach a certain age. Parents are also legally required to support their children until they can do so themselves. 

  • Does child support change automatically?

No. Child support never changes automatically. If you lose your job, you cannot expect the court to know it and modify your order without appropriate action. When you experience changes in your financial circumstances, it is your duty to inform the other parent and the court. You need to file a petition for the modification by speaking with the other party. You have to go through a legal process again to create this change. 

  • Which factors are considered during child support calculation?

The court considers various factors before announcing a decision. They may include the following: 

  • Custody arrangements and cost of travel.
  • Special needs of the child, such as physical or emotional.
  • Independent financial resources of the children.
  • Work-related daycare.
  • Whether either party has other children with other partners and many more.