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Cybersecurity and the Online Casino Industry

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More people than ever are carrying out regular daily activities such as shopping online instead of visiting physical stores. Ecommerce was worth around $5.2 trillion in 2021 and is projected to grow to over $8 trillion by 2026.

As well as ecommerce, internet users are enjoying more entertainment online through streaming sites, and online casinos. Of course, carrying out any financial transaction online carries a certain element of risk, and website operators employ sophisticated security methods to keep users safe.

The online casino industry was valued at $57 billion in 2021. With this particular sector rapidly growing, what cybersecurity measures need to be in place?

What are the concerns of using a casino online?

The most obvious risk of gambling in any form is that you may lose but casino games are varied and are seemingly very popular today. However, some people are concerned about shopping or gaming online when sensitive data is shared.

When conducting any type of transaction online there is the slight possibility of your data being hijacked. Yet, these risks can be negated through various means. Casinos as well as any ecommerce site or online bank need to install certain levels of security.

How does the casino industry employ cybersecurity?

Traditional casinos have in place many security measures. Thermal imaging was introduced in some establishments during Covid, license plates on cars are scanned on arrival, and wireless technology is used to track chips and improve customer safety.

Online casinos also employ many security practices, but in different ways than land-based operations. The following are just a few of the ways that cybersecurity is utilized in online casinos.

Cybersecurity experts probe for weaknesses

Two common terms are often heard when hackers are mentioned. One term is black hat and the other is white hat. Black hat hackers may be linked to undesirable activities online, but white hat hackers are sometimes used to improve security.

Casinos use cybersecurity experts which sometimes involve ex-hackers to test the security levels of their networks and servers. This helps to prevent data breaches and provides continuous improvement.

The use of cryptocurrency

While it isn’t completely widespread, some online casinos are using bitcoin now. One advantage is that crypto is anonymous. This means that no bank details are being stored, and sensitive data is kept to a minimum.

Anti-fraud technology and audits

To increase trust and loyalty with the players, online casinos carry out checks on games and audits. This means random number generators are checked, and independent auditors carry out technical tests on software to make sure games are operating as they should.

Encrypted data

All information sent from the user’s computer or device to the online casino is scrambled using 128 or 256-bit encryption. This means that your personal information is transformed into unreadable data, and kept safe from prying eyes.


Online casinos are using all kinds of technology now to improve the way games operate and play. AI is fast becoming important in UX, and virtual reality is being incorporated widely. Yet, the most important technology is perhaps in cybersecurity which is often never considered by the average user.