Difference Between a Cooler and an AC

The hot summer months in Delhi are completely unbearable. An air conditioner or a cooler is not a luxury, but a thing of necessity now in every household. You can take on rent if you have just shifted to Delhi, and you are not in the mood to buy a cooler or an air conditioner. Get to know the basic differences between a cooler and an air conditioner before you go for ac on rent in Delhi:

  • The primary difference between a cooler and an air conditioner is how these two machines cool the surrounding. In an ac, there is a heat pump mechanism used, that extracts warm and hot air from one place, and expels it to another. But in the case of a cooler, the entire cooling process depends on the cooling effect that is a result of evaporation. A home or commercial cooling system needs to have a constant source of water because the process of evaporation requires the presence of a water-soaked material. When you search for ac on rent, keep this primary difference in mind.
  • An air conditioner is more effective in its working mechanism compared to a cooler. When you try to take on ac on rent in Delhi, you should keep this information in mind. An air conditioner can easily reduce the ambient temperature within a short time, and a cooler can lessen the surrounding temperature only to a certain level. If you put ice into the desert cooler, for example, then the temperature can go down to a few more degrees. However, it is generally recommended not to use a cooler in too humid areas, and if you do not want to take ac on rent, then you can buy or get coolers on rent.
  • Another point of difference can be as compared to the coolers, you will find it easy to install an air conditioner. The hot and humid summers of Delhi are a threat to your peace and comfort, and hence, you can always take on ac for rent in Delhi, if you are not planning to buy it too soon. You can take the window and split ac on rent, depending on the number of people that you have in your home. But you cannot always put coolers to use if you have a too claustrophobic and enclosed room.
  • When it comes to one price-related advantage, then coolers can always be cheaper as compared to the air conditioner. You will have to spend a very low cost for the daily operation of the cooler, and it is also easy to clean. On the contrary, an air conditioner is always costly, and hence, you can go for ac on rent.


Find out brands and showrooms from where you can take on ac for rent in Delhi. If you have shifted to Delhi recently or are staying here for some official or commercial purpose, then go for rent a window or a split ac to enhance the comfort of your living space.

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