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Elements you need to know about the heat presser before making a purchase

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This heat device is a machine that uses heat and pressure to imprint a graphic on a surface, such as a t-shirt, for a certain amount of time. It’s frequently used in t-shirt printing and embellishment. It’s a business tool.


The heat press machine is not only used to imprint designs on fabric but also plates, cups, and other products. This article discusses some of the things you need to know before buying the machine. We are going to discuss:

  • Uses of this machine
  • How to use this machine
  • Factors considered before selecting this machine
  • Types of this machine

Uses of this machine

  1. Used in the application of heat transfer vinyl on fabrics
  2. Used to seal inks from printers on the fabric
  3. Used to apply for cut transfers on an item
  4. Addition of screen print to a garment
  5. Putting stamps on cuts, plates
  6. Production of custom hats
  7. Used in embroidering caps

How is this machine operated?

To start operating a machine, you must do research or even consult on how it is used to avoid unnecessary mistakes or even negative consequences

The following are the steps to follow when using this press machine;

  1. Switching on the power.
  2. Turn the knob of the thermostat to the right side until you can see the red light.
  3. Ensure the thermostat shows the right temperature.
  4. Turn the knob to the left until the red light is off.
  5. The heating goes on and off to ensure the temperature is well regulated.
  6. The heat press machine is digital with a timer that enables you to start the timer and when the alarm rings, you can reset it again.
  7. Open the press by lifting the handle upwards.
  8. Lay the material you want to imprint and the transfer paper on the material facing down.
  9. The transfer paper has some instruction that guides you on when to set the timer.
  10. Open the press by lifting the handle.
  11. Peel off the transfer paper from the material.
  12. Allow the print to lock before washing the material.

Nb. The material can be a t-shirt, jersey, plates, caps

Factors to consider when selecting this machine

  • The type of product you want to print

The product can either be: a combo heat-press, digital mug press, or even a digital flat heat press

Combo heat press

Used for printing gifts

Digital mug press

Used for printing mugs

Digital flat heat press

Used for printing t-shirts, and tiles.

  • The size of the printing

This machine is suitable for printing only A4 size on t-shirts and mugs only.

  • The cost of the machine

You are advised to purchase a machine that suits your budget. It is not guaranteed that purchasing an expensive machine will be long lasting than that which has a lower price. Press machine prices in Kenya are a bit higher due to the advantages and use of the machine.

Pros of this machine

  1. it saves time
  2. used for commercial purposes
  3. it is easy to use
  4. it causes less mess
  5. it produces high-quality results
  6. it Is affordable


About the above discussion, it is clear that it is worth purchasing this machine.