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Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Solar Heaters.

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In the present world, as prices of products go high and income is low, people have sought to think outside the box for ideas to make things affordable. Thus we need a solar heater that only requires sunlight that we get for free, and the heater mechanically changes the heat to power and heat the water.

What is a Solar Heater?

The solar heater is a mechanical device that converts solar energy to electrical energy for heat. It is commonly used in heating water for domestic purposes like bathing and cleaning. Solar heat bags a lot of savings in terms of fuel and electrical power with a long life span.

Types of a solar heater

There are two types of solar heaters: active and passive solar heaters. Their difference is active solar heaters are designed with circulating pumps with heat exchangers. In contrast, passive solar heaters have storage tanks enclosed with transparent material and pipes to flow hot water to the house.


Passive solar heaters are most common due to their cheaper price caused of their less inefficiency but more durable and reliable. In contrast, active solar heaters are more expensive due to their high efficiency.

How To Install Solar Heaters

A solar water heater needs to be mounted around open areas for maximum sunlight, most likely on the roof. Install a water storage tank near the solar heater, install a pump and its piping system, then install water heater controls and fill the system with water to check for any leakage.

Are they Environmentally friendly?

Solar heaters are the best eco-friendly and energy-saving devices compared to other water heaters because they use natural and renewable energy sources. Still, solar heaters don’t require electricity to produce hot water, thus minimal emission of carbon gasses that are toxic to the environment.


The heaters are aluminum metal for durability against harsh conditions and transparent fiberglass for maximum sunlight consumption. The storage tank is stainless steel to avoid rusting and withhold high hot water pressure for an extended period.


Recommended solar heaters are those with a large water storage capacity, for they take time before they deplete, making them more reliable. The power can go from as low as 50 liters to as high as 1000 liters to serve many people like in boarding schools.

How does it work

The solar heater absorbs sunlight through the transparent glass. It then converts it to heat, which is passed to the water storage tank by a circulating pump until water temperatures reach a specific level before being released to the pipes to flow into a house for domestic use.


As we have seen above, the new generation of water heating is solar for its cheap, eco-friendly, durable, and easy to use without the stress of gas refilling, electricity blackouts, or outrageous fuel prices. To eliminate all your doubts about the solar heaters, for the details are legit, what are you waiting for to get one.

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