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eToro USA Review: Pros, Cons, and how it compares?

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eToro provides a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as other financial products such as stocks and ETFs. It has a distinctive social trading option that enables you to replicate the trades of other investment firms. Continue reading our eToro review to learn more about this exchange and how it compares to other cryptocurrency platforms. In eToro USA review, we will discuss advantages disadvantages, and main features of this forex broker.


  • The established, global platform of eToro appeals to millions of users. While the platform in the United States is more limited than in other countries.
  • eToro has a product offering that appeals to customers of all environments.
  • The advanced and simple-to-use online trading expertise enables you to rapidly leverage other investors’ expert knowledge.
  • Using user ratings and performance metrics, you can assess traders to ensure you’re following a trading strategy that aligns with your objectives.
  • Help for additional shares allows traders to access more expensive investments with less money, allowing you to keep more of your investment spent. Any amount above the $10 minimum deposit can buy fractional shares.
  • By allowing you to manage more of your money in one place, the eToro Money cash management service gives you more control over your finances.
  • You can easily store cryptocurrency, deposit and withdraw funds, and send and receive money.


  • eToro is currently only available in 46 U.S. states, but the platform is gradually expanding its availability across the country.
  • eToro is unavailable in New York, Nevada, Hawaii, or Minnesota, but the virtual portfolio demo account is available to investors in all states.
  • The platform’s appeal to brokers above the intermediate level is harmed by its relatively small choice of ETFs and stocks.
  • With just over 2,000 stocks and 220 ETFs, some investors may need help to undertake their desired trading strategy due to these restrictions.
  • Investors relying on broader strategies will need to seek alternative platforms due to the limited account types and the lack of portfolio margining or alternative trading. Users can only open brokerage accounts, as retirement and other types of accounts are not accessible.
  • More professional investors need more advanced trading tools, features, and research to execute complex trading strategies. Users who want these features may need help making eToro their primary trading platform.

Key Features

 Social investing: You can automatically copy and trade with EToro’s Copy Trader by basing your decisions on the actions of other traders. How it operates: With the press of a button, you can start automatically copying the roles of the investor you’ve chosen (with the option of a stop-loss level to limit potential losses). Although eToro claims it will soon introduce copy trading for equities and ETFs, the service is presently only available for cryptocurrencies.

A user copying must cost at least $200. Users have the option to copy up to 100 traders at once. Even if users do not use Copy Trader, they can still browse many other traders’ portfolios, statistical data, and risk ratings.

US clients can copy any public profile anywhere in the world, but they can only copy US users. This is among the best CFD brokers UK.

Are you a good fit for eToro?

For cryptocurrency investors who want to copy the actions of aggressive crypto traders, eToro’s social investing platform is a fascinating concept. eToro has a broader selection of cryptocurrencies than some other cryptocurrency brokerage companies in the United States, with 25 to choose from. The broker will become a more well-rounded choice for investors wishing to diversify their portfolios in 2022 with the addition of stock and constrained ETF choices.

Are beginners able to use eToro?

Yes, eToro is the best CFD broker UK and an excellent option for novice traders. There is no need for extensive training to use its trading platform.

When it comes to offering helpful tools and features in a user-friendly web platform and mobile trading app, eToro excels. Even while using eToro to make money is not simple, it is easier to use than some of the more technical trading platforms.

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