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Germany-based Lengoo, a company that provides AI-powered language services for businesses, has recently launched its 20m language service. The company claims that the translation tool can be used for a variety of applications, including medical and automotive.

AI-augmented translation for the enterprise

Lengoo is an AI-first translation technology startup. The company provides an automated, customized neural machine translation framework for the enterprise. Its technology is based on deep learning algorithms that “learn” to translate by reading large amounts of text data.

While this technology may make translation more efficient, it also carries risks. Automatic tools are often error-prone and can be a source of frustration for non-specialist translators. To minimize these risks, augmented translation gives language professionals the tools they need to provide the best value to their clients.

Lengoo’s AI-augmented translation platform is based on a deep learning algorithm. The company trains its model with customer documents and feedback from the translation process. This helps it to improve its performance over time. In addition, the company measures and analyzes the quality of its machine-generated draft translations. Using these metrics, it can identify and correct erroneous terminology used by translation engines.

AI-powered language services

Lengoo is a German AI-powered language services startup. They have claimed to have a 1,000 active customers. It’s not a huge feat. The company is headquartered in Berlin, and is backed by a slew of VCs. Earlybird Venture Capital, Piton Capital, DLDewey and Seedcamp have all taken a shot at the buck with Lengoo.

The German startup’s product is a platform for enterprises to engage with their linguists and translate their messages in more than 400 different languages. They also claim to have a machine-learning neural machine translation model that can improve the speed of translation and help businesses cut costs. As a result, it’s been able to triple its headcount in just a year.

The new capital will be used to improve the speed of the MT system, expand into new markets and improve its AI-powered offerings. To that end, the company has taken the first steps towards building its own MT system.

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About the author

Lengoo is a translation tech company that is transforming the language industry through artificial intelligence (AI). It provides an AI-powered, full-service translation platform for global enterprises. In the last year, the Berlin-based firm onboarded more than 50 enterprise clients. Their services include custom neural machine translation models, automated workflows, and real-time monitoring. With the funds, the company is looking to expand into the US and Europe.

Currently, the company specializes in providing AI-based neural machine translation services for enterprise customers. Among the tools they use are DeepL and Lilt. The company customizes the model to match the client’s data. They also monitor how long it takes to edit draft translations generated by the machine. This measurement allows them to determine how long it will take to deliver the translations, as well as how much correction will be needed.