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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Leaf Blowing Machine

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Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? It is always good and enjoyable to work in a clean environment. Trees give good air that is why they are planted in our homesteads. But if they are not well maintained, the leaves that fall can as well become a nuisance hence the need to collectthem regularly.

Leaves collecting machine is a machine that collects dried leaves, rock debris, and other small unwanted particles in a specific environment. It is designed to make the cleaning of a compound easier and faster.This will not only save you time but also the resources you would have used in picking fallen leaves.

Different Classes of Leaves Collecting Machines

These machines can be put into three broad categories based on their design and how they are powered to work efficiently. They are categorized depending on walk-behind, handheld, and backpack. The power source is another category based on cordless, corded, or gasoline powered. Before you go for one, you need to know your circumstances hence go for one that suits you. However, either of them has its positives and negatives.


Combustion and electric engines are designed differently. Electric engines are simpler because they only need two parts, a stator, and a rotor. Gasoline engines differ between themselves and by design. They are either 4-strokeor 2-stroke. These strokes refer to that part of the fraction involved in movement enabling the engine to function well.

An Example of a Petrol Leaf Blower

What TheseEngines Require to Work Efficiently

For this type of a leaf blower to work properly, they need a muffler, carburetor, exhaust, spark plugger, and a mechanism to start. The disadvantage of these engines is that they produce a lot of noise due combustion of fuel hence causing noise and pollution of air. Despitethese mentioned, their output is much higher compared to that of their counterparts.

Electric engines only need power. They are environmentally friendly compared to petrol engines. Since they use electric power, no fuel is burned hence no air or noise pollution is associated with them. Also, the cost of operating is relatively cheap.

Size of the land – The shape, and size of the land determine the number of leaves falling on your land. A big yard with more leaves will require a powerful machine compared to a small one with a few leaves.

Weather – Calm weather or a day wind blows in the direction you want is the best for you to use this machine. You also have to wait for the leaves to dry to blow them for easy collection.

Point of collection – You have to set a strategic point whereby you will collect all your leaves from.


These machines reduce the cost of cleaning and they are of two types.No expertise is needed because they can be easily handled. The choice of one depends on the user and the accompanying factors. Check also grass cutting machine.