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Factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are machines designed to help in removal of very small dirtparticles such as sand and animal hair. If you are a pet person then it is a good option to go for a vacuum cleaner. In this article, an outline will be laid out on everything you need to know about vacuum cleaners.


Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not that easy especially with the many brands in the market. From a research done on what customers look for when looking to buy a vacuum cleaner many different factors are considered by customers. They may include the brand, price, suction power and warranty.

Suction power

This is a measure of the pressure inside the vacuum cleaner to that of the atmosphere. It is measured in Pascal (Pa). The higher the suction power the faster the vacuum cleaner works.If your vacuum is meant for hard wood works then it might be necessary to compromise suction strength.


If you are working on a tight budget, then it’s best to look out for a model that offers the best value. For vacuum cleaner price Kenya, it is better to go for locally manufactured ones when on a tight budget. Incase you are looking for afor a robot vacuum then Chinese models mostly come with manyautomations.

Bin Capacity

The capacity of the bin is dependent on the size of your home and also the type of dirt and material to be sucked. For someone with pets or a large home, larger capacity bin is advised. All of thesecalm down the requirements of the individual.


The warranty of any product is a measure of the company’s confidence in their product. The longer the warranty period, the higher the confidence in the product.Buying a vacuum cleaner with a longer warranty will guarantee a durable vacuum cleaner. For a warranty above 3 years is rated average. For robot vacuum cleaners a warranty period of up to1 year is always served.

The Filtration System

The filtrationsystem of a vacuum helps in keeping the dust inthe bin. The air with pressure escapes through the exhaust and before that it passes through the filters which ensures that the dust goes to the bin. The HEPA filters are recommended for their results of 99.97 percent success rate. They are therefore necessary if you want to ensure that you do not keeping redoing the work just done.


The choice of a vacuum cleaner is far and large dependent on the taste and preference of a person as well as the financial situation of an individual. No matter the vacuum cleaner you choose,the quality of work you want done will be of top notch. But it cannot be denied thatit is important to do a bit of research on the vacuum cleaner to buy even though it might be viewed as a straight forward task.