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Factors You Need To Consider When Buying a Shade Net in Kenya

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Before we can develop our topic today, it is prudent that we may be able to understand it first. In this century it is common to see varied sizes of a covered area in which different crops are grown inside, this shade net is the one that plays a major role in the making of the enclosed structures used for plant growth thus this article entirely focuses on the shade net in Kenya about their prices.

In other words, we can just decide to refer to them as greenhouses which is a common term amongst us, so the shade net has a major role in regulating the amount of light and heat that reaches the plants grown. To buy the best shade net, one needs basic knowledge to aid them in choosing the best one to spend on it, below is a comprehensive list of factors to consider;


At the root of your choice, keep in mind that you need to make your preferences according to the kind of crop you are going to grow, the density of your shade need will determine the amount of light that will pass to access the crops and also the amount of heat to be trapped inside the net to provide the requirements for the desired growth.

In this factor, you need to eight choose a net that is thick or thin. The thick one will lessen the amount of light passing and also trap more heat in the net whereas the thin one will allow much light into the net but also trap less heat.


Remember that everything comes with a price, shade net price in Kenya varies from one manufacturer to another with also the qualities that the net has. When you are buying your net, ensure the price is a unifying factor to the quality of the net, you need not go for the cheapest as it implies the net is of low quality but at least buy a net with a median price.


Color is also an important factor, usually, green shade nets are preferred hence the common word greenhouse. white shade nets reduce the strength of light by reflection while dark shade nets which are black and green absorb much heat but get rid of much strong sunlight.


Material is usually of two types, the knitted one which deflects light and is lightweight and the woven one which is heavy and adapted to cold areas, you need to decide between the two.


It is advisable to buy a shade net which will last longer, this will be a bit economical since after buying one, it will take a long time to buy a new one.


In conclusion, this article will be of much importance to one who needs to carry an improved form of agriculture by regulating the different factors available, you need to buy a shade net to achieve it thus refer to this article for factors like color, density, type of material, durability and price to choose the best shade net.