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Features and Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Hand Grass Cutter

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Is there tall grass around your home? Do you wish to trim it? Read this article to learn more about hand grass cutting machines. The purchase of hand grass cutting machines will be an easy choice for you after you are done reading this article.

Features of grass cutting machine

-fuel tank


-Trimmer head



-TCT blades


-Gear assembly

Advantages of hand cutting machine

  1. The cutting blades are usually durable and reliable, although, the life of the blade depends on how they are properly maintained.
  2. It is convenient to cut a long overgrown grass that a mower or a trimmer can’t reach.
  3. It has an effective air filter which makes the engine last longer.
  4. Its fuel tank is large thus it becomes efficient for the user.
  5. To reduce fatigue to the user, it comes with its own throttle handle.

Safety notes

Hand cutting machines should be held in a responsible manner or else it may be a health hazard. Safety procedures have to be put into place while handling this machine. Whenever a grass cutting machine is being used, make sure it’s handlebar is in place. The handlebar is very important because it helps the user to operate the machine.

Anytime you use a hand grass cutting machine,always be in your gloves, a trouser, and strong shoes. Never be in loose clothing.


Different sellers have different prices for their products and so are the sellers of hand cutting machines. The hand grass cutting machine price in Kenya may differ depending on the product quality, size, seller and the brand. For a buyer, the priority should be the quality of the machine rather than the price.

The quality of the machine will determine the durability and the efficiency of that machine during the operation.

Never start the engine while inside. It should be done outside and also adding fuel should not be done while the engine is hot.

Anytime you are using the machine, make sure you have an eye protector. This is because the blade may throw some debris which may land on your eyes.

For the safety of other people, you should be more than 50 feet from them

Points to note

Buying a grass cutting machine in Kenya is both an investment and a real hassle. This purchase isdone one day and the machine might serve youfor a lifetime. Bearing this in mind, then you must look for the best quality and which is durable.

Always select the one which has a 4 stroke engine since it is the most efficient andis high quality. This is the machine that works well in our country. The two stroke engine may not be so effective.


Noting the above discussed factors may prove while planning on a purchase of the hand cutting machine or even any other product available in the Kenyan market. The most important lesson from the above is that quality should always come before price.