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Filing a slip & fall accident lawsuit in Huntington Beach

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Personal injury law covers a wide range of injuries and accidents, including slip and fall accidents. These are also known as premises liability cases. How do slip and fall accidents happen? In most cases, it is related to the surface or a hazard. For instance, if the floor of a shopping mall was wet or waxy because of ongoing maintenance, someone could trip and fall, especially if there was no signage. In such circumstances, the management or the mall owner is liable for the injuries suffered by the victim. California is a fault state, and therefore, you can seek compensation for your losses. Talking to the top injury attorneys Huntington Beach is a good step in the right direction. Here are some other aspects worth knowing. 

Common reasons for slip and fall accidents

People often trip and fall for no apparent reason. However, in some cases, other factors could have contributed to the accident. Examples include poor lighting, wet floor, holes in sidewalks, rolled-up carpet corners, stairs with unusual spacing. If you want to file a slip and fall accident lawsuit, you should know that the location is a key aspect for such cases. Besides the owner, the party in control of the premises can be held liable. 

Proving fault and liability

It is important to prove that the defendant was negligent and breached the ‘duty of care’ owed to the victim to win such premise liability lawsuits. For instance, if you suffered injuries in a shop because of a broken tile, the management could be held liable because they didn’t do enough to keep the premises safe for visitors. Also, you have to prove that your injuries and losses are a direct result of the trip & fall accident. 

Meet an attorney

Hiring an injury attorney for your trip & fall accident lawsuit is extremely important. Numerous law firms in Huntington Beach offer assistance for victims and have free consultation services. Meet a reliable and experienced attorney to know the worth of your claim. You could recover a settlement that can cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. The good part is you don’t have to pay a fortune to win a settlement for your case. Lawyers in California usually charge a contingency fee for injury lawsuits, and you have to pay a fee only if you win a settlement. 

If you want to sue the negligent party for their action, you must act immediately. Get in touch with an attorney at the earliest.